DeerCreek High School Administration and Counselors

DeerCreek High School Administration and Counselors

This slide welcomes viewers to DeerCreek High School and introduces the school's principal, Mr. Charles Bradley, and two assistant principals, Keith Sinor and Charles Carpenter. Ann Thompson

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About DeerCreek High School Administration and Counselors

PowerPoint presentation about 'DeerCreek High School Administration and Counselors'. This presentation describes the topic on This slide welcomes viewers to DeerCreek High School and introduces the school's principal, Mr. Charles Bradley, and two assistant principals, Keith Sinor and Charles Carpenter. Ann Thompson. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

Presentation Transcript

Slide1Welcome to DeerCreek High School

Slide2Mr. Charles Bradley,Principal 348-5720 x121

Slide3Keith Sinor,Asst. Principal 11-12 Grade 348-5720 x105

Slide4Charles Carpenter,Asst. Principal 9-10 Grade 348-5720, ext. 213

Slide5Ann Thompson,Counselor A-K 348-5720 x120

Slide6Cindy McCachern,Counselor L-Z 348-5720 x152

Slide7Graduation and DiplomaRequirements

Slide8Standard Diploma Curriculum 24 credits  4 English  3 Math (Algebra I and two above)  3 Lab Science  4 Social Studies  2 Arts (built into curriculum)  Parent must sign a form to opt out of college preparatory curriculum and get this diploma

Slide9Oklahoma College PreparatoryCurriculum  24 credits  4 English  3 Math (Algebra I and two above)  3 Lab Science  4 Social Studies  2 Arts (built into curriculum)  2 Foreign Language or Technology

Slide10Certificate of Distinction Curriculum 26 credits  4 English  4 Math (Algebra I and three above)  4 Lab Science  4 Social Studies  4 Arts, Technology or Humanities (2 built in)  2 of the same Foreign Language  3.25 gpa on a weighted scale  Satisfactory or Advanced score on all EOI exams

Slide11Certificate of Distinction Cum LaudeCurriculum  Same as Certificate of Distinction plus 4.0 gpa on a weighted scale

Slide12End-Of-Instruction Tests New requirements starting with class of 2012  Tests at the end of the following courses: English 2, English 3, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, and US History  The state requires that a student must pass four of the seven tests to graduate including Algebra I and English 2  Results of tests placed on transcripts

Slide13Grading System A=90-100%  B=80-89%  C=70-79%  D=60-69%  F=0-59%  Be sure and check your student’s grades, attendance, and discipline online

Slide14Weighted Grading 4.0 grading scale  .5 quality point for Pre-AP classes  1 quality point for AP classes  Class rank based on weighted gpa

Slide15Valedictorian Cum Laude Curriculum  7 semester cumulative GPA equal to or higher than 4.125  All valedictorians have the rank of #1 after the 7 th  semester

Slide16Transcript A legal document listing courses and grades attained during high school  Begins with first high school class

Slide17High School Enrollment Feb. 11 & 14 from 4:00-7:00  Should have received a letter in the mail giving you a specific time  Bring completed enrollment sheet  You and your student will meet with a teacher/advisor

Slide18Filling Out the Enrollment Sheet Use a pencil  Update the personal information sheet  Put student’s name and id number on both sides of the enrollment form  Circle both course number and name  Turn in enrollment sheet the evening of your appointment  Enroll online

Slide19Selecting Your Courses Everyone must choose seven courses  Everyone must choose one course from each of the four core areas and either a foreign language or technology class  Two semester electives equal one course  TA=teacher approval which must be obtained before or during the night of enrollment  Be sure and select three alternate elective courses

Slide20Sports 9 th  grade basketball is a full year commitment and is scheduled during an hour other than Varsity Basketball  Choosing basketball and another sport will count as two elective choices

Slide21OHLAP Scholarship State program which pays for a student’s tuition to an Oklahoma college or university  Must apply during 8 th , 9 th , or 10 th  grade  Family must earn $50,000 or less per year at the time of application and $100,000 upon student’s entrance to college  For more information go to:

Slide22OKCOLLEGESTART.ORG Oklahoma’s official source for planning a college education in Oklahoma  Prepare for the ACT with free test prep  Use the High School Planner  See Oklahoma’s official guide to preparing for college

Slide23ACT and SAT Tests Nationwide college entrance exams taken on a Sat.  Oklahoma leans toward the ACT test but most colleges will accept either test  We recommend taking once during freshman year, once during sophomore year, and several times junior and senior year  OU and OSU require a 24 ACT or 1090 SAT for automatic admission  Enroll online at  or

Slide24Other Tests Taken Throughout HighSchool  PLAN—Pre-ACT test taken by all sophomores  PSAT—Pre-SAT test taken by freshman, sophomores, or juniors who want to take it; only way student can be National Merit Scholar  ASVAB—Career Battery that juniors or seniors may elect to take in the Fall

Slide25College Concurrent Enrollment Juniors or seniors who take a college class instead of two of their electives  Must have an ACT/SAT score to enroll  Currently the state is paying the tuition (not books and fees) for seniors who take college classes

Slide26Francis Tuttle Career Technology program  Students go to Francis Tuttle half day and stay at Deer Creek half day  In most cases Francis Tuttle classes count as electives  Except for the Pre-Engineering and BioScience Academies, Francis Tuttle begins Junior or Senior years

Slide27Counselor’s Collection Announcements, College and Scholarship sent via e-mail by the counselor’s office  Also available on the high school website or at

Slide28Thinking Aheadto Scholarships  Keep a list of your student’s leadership, service hours, and awards  Work toward highest ACT/SAT score  Get the best grades possible

Slide29Class of 2012Welcome to Deer Creek High School!