Nature and Natura in Tourism Language

Nature and Natura in Tourism Language

This presentation explores the cultural and practical use of the terms 'nature' and 'natura' in English and Italian tourism language, presented by Elena Manca from University of Lecce Foggia on May 27th.

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PowerPoint presentation about 'Nature and Natura in Tourism Language'. This presentation describes the topic on This presentation explores the cultural and practical use of the terms 'nature' and 'natura' in English and Italian tourism language, presented by Elena Manca from University of Lecce Foggia on May 27th.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

Presentation Transcript

1. Nature and Natura in the language of tourism: between culture and usage in English and Italian Elena Manca University of Lecce Foggia 20th May 2005

2. Assumptions 1. centrality of collocation in the identification of meaning 2. the inter-collocation of collocates (Sinclair 1996)

3. Translation by Collocation 1. Words do not occur in isolation 2. Interdependence of lexis and grammar Focus on functionally complete units of meaning (Tognini Bonelli 2001 ff)

4. The data Agriturist Corpus 120.000 words Farmhols Corpus 200.000 words Natura and Nature Natura 147 occurrences Nature 27 occurrences

5. (1) natura + incontaminata/intatta (2) natura + circostante .. ideale per chi cerca le bellezze di una natura incontaminata , .. vacanze tranquille in una natura ancora intatta . .. l'incontaminata e suggestiva natura circostante

6. (3) a contatto con + natura simbiosi/sintonia + natura tuffo/ immersione + natura .. confortevole a pieno contatto con la natura usufruendo del servizio ricettivo .. sentendosi in piena simbiosi con la natura . E incomparabile .. in piena sintonia con la natura che circonda la nostra tenuta .. la serenit di unimmersione nella natura in un contesto incontaminato. .. ideale per una vacanza immersa nella natura : il Residence .. alle Stalle Un tuffo nella natura pi incontaminata

7. (4) amanti/amore + natura .. per gli amanti della natura , della quiete e del riposo, .. Se amate la natura , una vacanza tranquilla all'aria aperta .. per sportivi e appassionati della natura . Basti pensare alla vicinanza di .. Per chi ama la semplicit e la natura , questo il luogo .. l'amore per lo sport e la natura ed un relax di classe

8. (5) bellezza+ natura .. per chi cerca le bellezze di una natura ancora incontaminata, .. la bellezza e la grandezza della natura, riscoprendo la gioia di vivere. .. gli stupendi paesaggi di una natura incontaminata .. il fascino inconfondibile della natura incontaminata.

9. (6) suoni/silenzio + natura (7) pace + natura .. vita ancora scandita dai ritmi della natura. .. Immerso nei colori e nei suoni della natura in un paesaggio incantevole .. il silenzio che domina la natura circostante sar sicuramente .. circondati dalla pace di una natura che invita alla riflessione

10. natura : collocational profile natura (1) incontaminata/intatta natura (2) circostante natura (3) a contatto/simbiosi/immersa natura (4) amanti/amore natura (5) bellezze/fascino natura (6) suoni/ritmi/silenzio natura (7) pace ( Step 1 )

11. (1) nature + reserve/trail .. Walking, Nature trail , Visitor Centre, .. Commission have way-marked nature trails and forest walks. .. a garden nursery and nature reserve , a pub/restaurant called .. beaches, cliff walks and nature reserves . In the spring

12. Nature + lover/s .. on our land, ideal for nature lovers . Spring time and Autumn .. if you are a nature lover you can take

13. nature : collocational profile nature (1) reserve/trail nature (2) lover/s

14. natura nature incontaminata/intatta n.a. circostante n.a contatto/simbiosi/immersa n.a amanti/amore lover/s bellezza/fascino n.a suoni/silenzio/pace n.a n.a. trail/reserve

15. From collocate to collocate incontaminata/intatta uncontaminated/intact unspoiled/unspoilt circostante surrounding contatto/simbiosi contact/symbiosis sintonia/immersa/ agreement/plunged immersione/tuffo immersion/dive ( Step 2 )

16. From collocate to function (1) unspoilt + countryside/land/area/location .. family reunions. Wonderful unspoilt countryside .. and walks across 1000 acres of unspoilt land . .. the only building in this unspoilt location . .. very fortunate to live in a totally unspoiled area

17. From collocate to function (2) surrounding+countryside/area/fields/hills .. on the Farm, the surrounding area , and details of what we .. the edge of Eastwell Park, the surrounding countryside offers beautiful .. In the surrounding countryside there are limestone .. again has a balcony overlooking the surrounding fields . .. and cattle, it has surrounding garden and lawns .. good views of the River Dee and surrounding hills .

18. (1) countryside + unspoiled .. outstanding views of unspoilt countryside .. Wonderful unspoilt countryside : Lakes, rivers, streams .. most beautiful unspoiled countryside Ireland has to offer.

19. (2) countryside + surrounding .. It offers excellent views to the surrounding countryside and .. In the surrounding countryside there are limestone

20. (3) countryside + beauty .. beautiful and peaceful Pembrokeshire countryside .. Enjoy the beauty of the Welsh countryside at our .. and stunning views of the English countryside . You can walk .. picturesque Tarka the Otter countryside by bicycle. .. exploration of the lovely Devon countryside and shoreline,

21. (4) countryside + peace (5) countryside + sounds .. seek the peace and quiet of the countryside . .. the peace and tranquility of the countryside . .. wake up to the sounds of the countryside , and enjoy the flavours of

22. (6) Countryside + set/situated .. from the sea, set in gently hilly countryside , near the world .. holidays. Set in the delightful countryside within the North .. conveniently situated in the quiet countryside near to the .. 300 years. Situated in pleasant countryside just off the M5

23. natura countryside Incontaminata/intatta unspoiled/unspoilt Circostante surrounding Contatto/simbiosi sintonia/immersione set/situated immersa/tuffo Bellezza beauty Suoni/silenzio/pace sounds/peace

24. Conclusions At word level non-equivalence Nature = natura The intercollocation of collocates natura + incontaminata - circostante Collocates: unspoilt - surrounding countryside Collocational level functional equivalence