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Town Car Bunch

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Town Car Bunch

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  1. Village Automotive Group By: Marcus, Phil, Lars, Henrik

  2. What it is Now • It has five dealerships • It has a reputation for quality of service • It is a family-owned business • It is supplied cars by Ford, GM, and Honda

  3. Strengths of the Market • One of the Largest in the World • Room for Innovation • Ready to be Disrupted

  4. Weaknesses of the Market • Saturated • Boston is a Bad Place for Cars • A Lot of Competition • Oil Dependant

  5. Opportunities in the Market • Alternate Energy • China • Aftermarket Customization • Expanding the Service Aspect

  6. First Automotive Works • One of the Largest Chinese Automotive Corporations • Incredible Value for Money • Xiali Sedans and Hongqi Luxury Sedans get Excellent MPG • Cheap Cars

  7. A Custom Escalade

  8. What We Want it to Be • Focused on Younger Customers • Play to Customization and Service • The Only Supplier of Chinese Cars in Boston • Keep the Reputation for Quality