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FWD versus RWD PowerPoint Presentation
FWD versus RWD

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FWD versus RWD

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  1. FWD vs. RWD Engine / Transmission within Automobiles Created by Jia Min Liang

  2. FWD? What is it? • FWD which is known as front wheel drive is the most common type of engine layout currently used within cars now. The engine uses the front wheels as the ones to drive the vehicle. Nowadays, most front wheel drive vehicles today feature transverse engine mounting.

  3. RWD? What is it? • RWD which is known as rear wheel drive was a common engine layout used in cars during the 20th century. Most RWD cars place the engine at the front of the vehicle but there are also times when it is placed in the midsection or the rear. RWD uses the rear wheels to drive using a driveshaft linked between the rear axles.

  4. Advantages of FWD • More Interior Space • Lower Cost • Lower Weight • Better Gasoline Mileage • Improved Drivetrain Efficiency • Assembly Efficiency

  5. Advantages of RWD • Better Handling • Less Costly • Easier Maintenance • No Torque Steer • Even weight distribution

  6. Disadvantages of FWD • Tendency to Understeer. • Torque Steer • Less Weight Shifting • Traction Disadvantage • CV Joints Produce Easier Wear • Turning Limitied

  7. Disadvantages of RWD • Difficult to Master • Less Interior Space • Increased Weight • More Expensive • Difficult in Handling Nondry Surfaces • Oversteering

  8. Examples of FWD Toyota Celica Mitsubishi Eclipse

  9. Examples of RWD Toyota MR2 Mazda RX8

  10. This information was brought to you by Wikipedia’s website on FWD “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Front_wheel_drive” and RWD “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rear_wheel_drive”.