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Gas Back road

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Gas Back road

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  1. Gasoline Alley Inaugural Car Show Held June 8, 2007

  2. Our First Show

  3. We had a great turnout, over 50 cars signed in

  4. Student Vehicles

  5. Modern and classic cars, trucks and bikes

  6. Our Show Included • Classic and modern cars, from 1930 - 2007 • Classic trucks • Muscle cars • Classic and modern motorcycles • Farm tractors

  7. Public Feedback • Many asked if this would be a regular event. • Several spectators said they would bring cars next time. • People were truly pleased to see high school students involved in something positive.

  8. Special Thanks • EWHS Homecoming Committee • “Chef” Tim Howes • Amanda Bates • Student members of Gasoline Alley • Linda Nolan • East Windsor BOE