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changing color of it in india l.
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Changing shade of IT in India PowerPoint Presentation
Changing shade of IT in India

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Changing shade of IT in India

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  1. Changing color of IT in India S Sadagopan, IIIT-B Bangalore Science Forum July 6, 2005

  2. Overview of the Talk • IT in India over the years • Education in India, IT Education in India • Some names & numbers • Changing nature of IT in India • Future of IT in India • Summary

  3. IT in India over the years • Zero, digits and position came from India; Ramanujan in the last century • TDC-12, LIC, “Impress” of Railways, Indian Airlines & Auto-coder, Balaji Temple and AS 400 • IIT Undergraduate CS Programs • Domestic IT Industry till 90’s – HCL & Wipro, TVSE and Wipro, Softek

  4. Education in India • Respect for the village School master is still there • Even poor look at education as the “gateway” to social mobility • Parents support children education even till they do their PhD! • JEE, CAT, CET are “national” phenomenon • 12 Years of Schooling, 3 and 4 years of UG, 2 year PG, 4 year PhD • Mostly public, private and Public-Private Partnerships just starting • IITs, IIM’s, IIITs, ISI, IISc, AIIMS, ICAR, NID, NIFT, IFT, and • National College and HN

  5. Some Numbers & Names • 320,000 Undergraduate Engineers graduate EVERY year! Plus another 300,000 (MCA, MSc, Diploma, ITI..) • Jobs - 1 Million in IT today; 1.5 Million in ITES today; 5-8 Million expected by 2008; grown at 50% compounded annual growth rate during 1995-2002; still growing at 30% • Infosys, Wipro, TCS have 100,000+ people and $ 5+ Billion business today • Software Services alone is $ 27 Billion today; expected to be $ 80 Billion by 2009 • Software services account for 3% of GDP today; 14% by 2008; 33% of export by 2008

  6. Some Numbers & Names • AppleTalk Designer (Sidhu), Team of Six of the Pascal Compiler (Keshav Nori), Sun Microsystems Co-Founder (Vinod Khosla),Pentium Designer (Vinod Dham), Novell CTO (Kanwal Rekhi), Oracle CTO (Jnan Dash), Microsoft Chief Quality (Somasegar), HotMail Founder (Sabeer Bhatia), InstallShield (Bhatia), WebEx (Subra Iyer) – key designers in Google, nVIDIA, Intel, SAP, AMD, IBM, HP..and many National College alumni today & tomorrow

  7. Changing Nature of IT in India • Low cost entry strategy; numbers (IT Pros) as growth strategy; Quality as assertion strategy; Innovation as leadership strategy • Services, products, design, IP, technology licensing, full-blown product development, deployment, service, support..

  8. Changing Nature of IT in India - Services • Moved beyond “body shopping” • Moving beyond United States • Moving beyond English Speaking countries • 3 Billion Dollar Companies; 15 companies in $ 100 Million; 150 in $ 10+; 5000 smaller companies • Bigger companies do other things; Infosys Foundation; Premji Foundation…

  9. Changing Nature of IT in India - Products • At least one product that is World’s No 1 (i-Flex Flexcube) • Local product Tally expects $ 150 Million in 2007 • Niche products – • Many products developed here – Adobe Pocket Reader, InDesign.. Product Development Outsourcing - Aditi

  10. Changing Nature of IT in India – Product related services • Testing – Wipro with 10,000 testers (largest in the world) • EDA (Electronic Design), CAD (Mechanical Design), Drug Design, Molecular Modeling..

  11. Changing Nature of IT in India – Hardware • HiCal Magnetics • Moser Baer • Tandon • VXL Instruments • Wipro, HCL, Zenith – Local “brands PCs” • Vignani, WYSE, Tessolve..

  12. Changing Nature of IT in India – IP • Sasken • Ittiam – No 1 DSP Company in 3rd year • Impulsesoft – unwires Apple iPod • Transversal Networks – Borland University runs on Ten Acado, Course Technology & Addison Wesley run on a tool from Bangalore Boy Anand Adkoli (500,000 students today) • Patent Culture – CSIR Labs – R A Mashelkar • Patents coming out of India exceed 1,000 today (not necessarily from Indian companies) – Ittiam has 50 within 3 years; IIIT-B has applied for 5 in 5 years

  13. India is starting to consume IT • Banking & Financial Services • Automotive, Aerospace,.. • Healthcare • Transportation • Education • Hospitality • Government

  14. Future of IT and India • Will help India get over its poverty • Developing or Developed… but for sure Developer Nation • Drive Auto “Think Germany”; Smell Perfume “Think France”; Watch Time “Think Swiss”; Admire Jumbo “Think United States”; Use Software “Think India”

  15. Summary • IT has deep roots in India • IT in India is interesting • IT in India is changing • IT will change India • IT will change the world & India will have a part • That’s IT! • ANY QUESTIONS?