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  1. Flowers the reproductive structures of plants

  2. 4 parts of a plant • Roots • Stems • Leaves • Reproductive (includes flowers and fruits)

  3. Flowers have 4 different parts • Sepals • Petals • Stamens • Pistil

  4. Pedicel • The flower stem

  5. Receptacle • The place on the stem where floral organs attach and originate.

  6. Sepals • Usually green; leaflike structures that protect the flower, as it forms and emerges.

  7. Sometimes sepals are colorful

  8. Calyx • The group of sepals on a flower

  9. Petals • Located just inside the sepals • Leaf-like and often very colorful • Attract pollinators

  10. Corolla • The collection of petals on a flower

  11. Perianth • The sepals and the petals of a flower. (Not the reproductive parts.)

  12. Tepals • When there is no clear distinction between the sepals and the petals...they are called “tepals”.

  13. The reproductive parts • Found at the center of the flower

  14. Stamens • Male reproductive parts of a flower • Arranged around the female parts

  15. Anther • Part of the stamen • Produces and holds pollen

  16. Filament • Stalk that holds up the anther

  17. Pistil • The female part of the flower

  18. Stigma • Found at the end of the pistil • Has a sticky surface to catch pollen

  19. Style • The neck of the pistil

  20. Ovary • Part of the pistil that contains the ovules

  21. Ovule • The part of the flower in which the eggs are produced and seeds develop

  22. Complete flowers • Have all 4 basic parts: • Sepals, petals, stamens and pistil

  23. Incomplete flowers • Flowers that are missing one of the four basic parts

  24. Perfect Flowers • Flowers that have both male and female parts

  25. Imperfect flowers • Flowers that lack one of the sex structures