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ancient egypt unit plan l.
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Old Egypt Unit Arrangement PowerPoint Presentation
Old Egypt Unit Arrangement

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Old Egypt Unit Arrangement

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  1. Ancient Egypt Unit Plan Amber Surface CI 350

  2. Analyze Learners • Preschoolers • Need to know: • How to hold a writing utensils • Colors • Behavior in a monarchy • Wall Paintings • “Pharaoh for a Day” • Reality vs. Fantasy

  3. Objectives • Follows basic routines and rules for play and group participation • Acts out roles by imitating typical actions associated with the roles • Uses utensils and writing tools • Explores color and texture using different mediums • Expresses emotion and communicates ideas through creative artwork • Engages in questioning, reflecting, and relating a story to personal experiences • Listens attentively to literature

  4. Media and Material • Pencils, colored pencils, crayons, paint brushes, paint • Book: Asterix and Cleopatra • Crown/headdress • Long roll of brown paper and tape

  5. Internet Access • Ancient Egypt Information • Coloring Pages • Pictures of Wall Paintings • Wall Painting Lesson Plan • Excavate a Message

  6. Day One • Introduction to Ancient Egypt • Discussion • Ancient Egypt Information as tool • Coloring Pages • Choose their favorite aspect of Egyptian life • Coloring Pages as tool

  7. Day Two • Asterix and Cleopatra • Reading • Discussion • Choose a “Pharaoh for the Day” • Option 1: Line leader for the next day • Option 2: Mini-quiz on Asterix and Cleopatra

  8. Day Three • “Pharaoh as a Day” Game • Crown for “pharaoh” • Determining play time • Outcome • Understand the importance of following instructions in monarchy • Discussion to determine likeability of one all-powerful ruler

  9. Day Four • Excavation Discussion with Pictures of Wall Paintings • Excavate their own messages • Uses images such as smiley faces rather than words • Uses Excavate a Message as tool

  10. Day Five • Wall Paintings • Utilizes brown paper, tape, and art supplies • Paint and explain portrait of daily life • Determination of Success • Using art supplies properly • Explaining activities in their painting

  11. Learner Participation • Involvement in daily discussions • Play while learning perpetuates focus • “Pharaoh for a Day” • Must follow pharaoh’s instructions • Must discuss how they feel about pharaoh

  12. Evaluate and Revise • Book Discussions • Pharaoh for a Day • Wall Painting