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Profession Information and Resources

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Profession Information and Resources

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  1. Career Information and Resources Chapter 6

  2. Relationship Between Data and Decision Making • Having reliable data is essential to career decision making. • Data may be acquired from print sources, computer-assisted career guidance systems, websites, and/or people. • The counselor’s role is to assist clients/students to turn data into information.

  3. Barriers and Decision Styles • Clients/students may have difficulty dealing with data • because of physical, mental, or emotional deficits. • because of their usual decision-making style. • Planful . Compliant • Agonizing . Delaying • Impulsive . Fatalistic • Intuitive . Paralytic

  4. Client Roles • Complete the data-gathering homework given by counselors. • Apply data collected to personal career choices, aided by the counselor. • Assume responsibility for their own decision making.

  5. Counselor Roles • Select sources for data that are of high quality. • Make sources of data known to clients and assist them to know how to use them. • Assist clients to make meaningful use of data.

  6. Types of Data Needed by Clients • Occupational descriptions • Descriptions of schools • Descriptions of programs of study • Descriptions of military occupations • Descriptions of apprenticeships/internships • Listing of jobs • Descriptions of financial aid

  7. Ways to Organize Occupations • Holland’s system (R, I, A, S, E, C) • ACT’s World-of-Work Map clusters and job families • Guide to Occupational Exploration clusters • O*Net system clusters • U.S. Department of Education clusters

  8. Physical Career Center • Centrally located • User-friendly • Equipped with computers and Internet connections • Equipped with video display devices • Staffed with trained persons • Organized by material type, content, career planning step, or life role

  9. Virtual Career Center • May include • assessment • linkages to websites that provide data resources • cybercounseling assistance