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online system for clerkship application and review http oscar ao dcn l.
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Online Framework for Clerkship Application and Survey PowerPoint Presentation
Online Framework for Clerkship Application and Survey

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Online Framework for Clerkship Application and Survey

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  1. Online System for Clerkship Application and Review OSCAR

  2. What Is OSCAR Version 4? • Serves as the single, centralized resource for notice of available clerkships, clerkship application information, and law clerk employment information. • Incorporates the Federal Law Clerk Information System (FLCIS) functionalities. FLCIS “sunsets” on Friday May 2nd. • Accommodates judges who choose to receive electronic • applications, judges who want to continue to receive paper • applications, and judges who wish to advise applicants that • they do not have a clerkship vacancy. • For judges who choose to receive electronic • applications -- allows them to sort, screen, and • review applications on-screen, downloading • and printing only the materials they wish to • see in paper form.

  3. What Are the Benefits of OSCAR Version 4? • Judges no longer have to maintain separate passwords for two systems. • Judges no longer have to provide duplicate clerkship qualification and application information in each system. • Judges no longer have to contact separate help desks for assistance. • One central system for all clerkship hiring will reduce the number of calls to chambers from applicants and law schools by eliminating inconsistencies of clerkship position postings in two separate systems.

  4. OSCAR System Features • Judges post their clerkship positions and application requirements. • For electronic applications, applicant submission consists of applicant profile form, resume, cover letter, gradesheet(s), writing sample, and letters of recommendation. • Separate user interfaces for applicants, recommenders, • law schools, and judges. • Data release to judges timed to meet requirements of the judiciary’s Clerkship Hiring Plan. • Applications from law school alumni will be available for review at the time of submission. • Applications from law school students complies with the hiring plan.

  5. OSCAR 2007 Statistics Total Number of User Accounts 31,409 Judges 800 Applicants 5,724 Recommenders 24,391 Law School Administrators 494 Total Number of Applications 180,832 Total Number of Documents on System 2.7 million

  6. 1st Circuit 34 Judges 8th Circuit 40 Judges Int. Trade 8 Judges 2nd Circuit 80 Judges 7th Circuit 42 Judges 9th Circuit 142 Judges 3rd Circuit 85 Judges 10th Circuit 42 Judges 6th Circuit 74 Judges DC Circuit 32 Judges 4th Circuit 60 Judges FED Circuit 10 Judges 11th Circuit 84 Judges 5th Circuit 87 Judges Total Number of OSCAR Participating Judges(by Circuit)

  7. OSCAR System Interfaces OSCAR Judges Applicants Law Schools Recommenders

  8. Judge Features • Position Posting: - Judges post their clerkship positions and application requirements to include application method of electronic or paper applications. • Accepting Electronic Applications: • - Judges see only the applications directed to them. • - Applications can be sorted and screened by: - Law school and/or college - Year of graduation - Class rank - Law review or journal - Geographic location - Publications • - Judges can perform full-text word searches of cover letters and resumes. • - Judges can flag applications, rank applications, and move them to folders. • - Judges maintain an OSCAR profile that identifies basic judge information, application document requirements, and position/clerkship information. • - Judges can communicate with applicants via OSCAR email.

  9. Version 4.0 New Features • Post positions to receive electronic or paper applications. • Ability to post “No Positions are Available.” • Ability to post multiple positions for multiple terms. • Draft emails and “Save” them to use at anytime. • Differentiate the requirements for grade sheets (e.g., Law School Grade Sheet, Undergraduate Grade Sheet, and Other Grade Sheet). • View that an applicant has been placed in multiple folders. • Trigger a request to an applicant to update electronic application.

  10. How Does My Judge Sign Up? • Go to the OSCAR Informational Website and click on Judge Sign Up: • • The OSCAR Informational Website serves as the source for judges to electronically sign up for the program and to access FAQs, user guides, contact information, tutorials, etc. • Questions – Contact the OSCAR Help Desk • Phone: 202-354-3005 • Email:

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