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Piet Mondrian

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Piet Mondrian

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  1. Piet Mondrian

  2. Piet Mondrian began as an artist by painting realistic landscapes.

  3. Piet changed the way he painted. He didn’t want his pictures to look like nature. He wanted to explore how color and line worked together.

  4. Over time, Piet’s work became more simple. Piet did not use details and he only used a few colors. Can you guess which colors he liked to use the most?

  5. I hope you guessed the primary colors! • Red • Yellow • Blue

  6. Besides using just the primary colors, Piet liked to use: horizontal & vertical lines in his art.

  7. For 20 years Piet used only black, white, gray and the 3 primary colors.

  8. He was always trying to find a perfect balance in his art.

  9. Sometimes he would change the thickness of the lines. Other times he would place the lines close together or far apart.

  10. When Piet was 68 years old, he moved to New York City. The skyscrapers and the straight lines of the streets must have reminded him of his paintings!

  11. Here are some more paintings by Piet Mondrian: