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One painting left

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One painting left

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  1. One painting left Enjoy the sights and sound Brought to you by: Marie Jo

  2. WELCOME • You are about to meet a new artist. • New? Yes! His work is included on my site because I consider it good work. Please, sit back and enjoy this short presentation. • Paintings on my site are Originals.


  4. Previous Picture • Did you see the detail in that picture? • The name of it was: “Slave Farmer” • If you are interested in purchasing this picture, hurry, I do not expect this one to last long.

  5. Contact Information • Any painting that appeals to you jot down the name, or if you have a request for a picture to be painted, email me • There are many paintings on my site to choose from. Please enjoy them, and then send your co-workers, friends, and family the website link so they can view and get one for themselves.

  6. THE END