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Renaissance Man

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Renaissance Man

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  1. Renaissance Man

  2. What Is a Renaissance Man? One who exhibits the virtues of an idealized man of the Renaissance. Oxford English Dictionary A man who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.

  3. Biography Museo Leonardesco di Vinci Medieval Sourcebook: Giorgio Vasari: Life of Leonardo da Vinci 1550 Fordham University

  4. Biography - Slide Two Leonardo da Vinci: The True Renaissance Man This is a Web Quest designed by Kim Sample at ASU’s College of Teacher Education & Leadership

  5. Biography - Slide Three Renaissance ManThe Museum of Science

  6. The Artist Paintings until 1480 Paintings in the 1480s Paintings in the 1490s Late Paintings (1501-20)

  7. The Scientist Leonardo da VinciUniversity of California at Berkeley Drawings of Engineering Themes by Leonardo da VinciThe Web Gallery of Art Maps

  8. The Scientist - Slide Two Architectural Studies Anatomical StudiesStudies of NatureImages from theThe Web Gallery of Art

  9. The Notebook The Codex Leicester at the American Museum of Natural HistoryThe Mirror Writing of Leonardo daVinciMuseum of Science

  10. Designs by Others Doodles, Drafts & Designs: Industrial Drawings from The Smithsonian The Museum of Unworkable DevicesLockhaven University Design Handbook Index - Click on Machine ElementsM.I.T.

  11. More Designs by Others Sample Engineering DrawingsMiddle East Technical University Old Time Clip Art Mechanical Drawings Still on the Drawing BoardPancake Parlour Restaurants

  12. Images in this presentation are courtesy of David Reutelerat