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The Super Close planetary system

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The Super Close planetary system

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  1. The Super Solar System By: Laura Bart

  2. California State Standard: • Students know the solar system includes the planet Earth, the Moon, the Sun, eight other planets and their satellites, and smaller objects, such as asteroids and comets.

  3. What is in the Solar System? • The Solar system is the objects that orbit the sun. • Planets • Moons • Comets • Asteroids

  4. Let’s talk about planets!! • A planet is a large and round body that orbits a star and shines with reflected light from a star. • There are 9 planets in our solar system: • My mother very educated mother just sold us nine pizzas. • Mercury • Venus • Earth • Mars • Jupiter • Saturn • Uranus • Neptune • Pluto

  5. Mercury • Planet closest the sun • Second smallest plane • Covered with craters • No moons or rings • It is about the size of Earth’s moon • Goes around the sun about 4 times, while the earth only goes around the sun once.

  6. Venus • Earths nieghboor • No moons or rings • Very hot and thick atmosphere • Brightest object in sky besides sun and moon (looks like bright star) • Covered with craters, volcanoes, and mountains • It is the sixth largest planet.

  7. Earth • It’s our planet!!!!!! • Only planet with known life and with water. • About 4 1/2 billion years • Third planet from sun • Atmosphere composed of composed of Nitrogen, Oxygen and other gases (1%).

  8. Mars • Fourth planet from sun • In night-time mars appears to be a reddish color. • On the surface of mars there are volcanoes and huge dust storms

  9. Jupiter • It is the largest planet in the solar system • Jupiter is about 11 times the size of Earth • Has a giant red spot seen on the surface of Jupiter • Second brightest planet next to Venus

  10. Saturn • One of the largest planets • Known for the giant rings around the planet • Saturn has 31 moons surrounding it • Saturn has been explored • It is visible at night from Earth

  11. Uranus • Covered with clouds • Has 27 moons • Faint rings surround Uranus • 7th planet from the sun

  12. Neptune • Arcs surround the planet • 7 moons surround Neptune • Very similar to hole in the ozone layer, Neptune is known to be “Dark Spot”

  13. Pluto • Sometimes it is not thought of as a planet • It is the farthest planet away from the sun • Pluto is so far away that it has not been visited by anyone on earth or anywhere!!!

  14. Comets small icy bodies Comets give off gases and dust as they pass by travel pass the sun Asteroids About 100,000 asteroids are between Mars and Jupiter Asteroids are believed to be billions of years old Comets and Asteroids