Italians in Canada (Slide N. 2 to 6) 2) Canada all in all versus Italy overall (Slide N. 7 to 9) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Italians in Canada (Slide N. 2 to 6) 2) Canada all in all versus Italy overall (Slide N. 7 to 9) PowerPoint Presentation
Italians in Canada (Slide N. 2 to 6) 2) Canada all in all versus Italy overall (Slide N. 7 to 9)

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Italians in Canada (Slide N. 2 to 6) 2) Canada all in all versus Italy overall (Slide N. 7 to 9)

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  1. A SeeOverSeas Presentation Ask for complete presentation (25 slides and more details) • Italians in Canada (Slide N. 2 to 6) • 2) Canada as a whole versus Italy as a whole (Slide N. 7 to 9) • 3) Canadians in Italy: the present and the opportunities (Slide N. 10)

  2. The Italians in Canada: summary 31 million people Total Canadian population People having at least some degree of closeness with Italian culture: 1.3 million people (or over 4% of the total Canadian population) Total number of people of uniquelyItalian origin (first, second, and other generations) Total number of people who are half-Italian ca. 1.3 million people ca. 750,000 people ca. 545,000 people Have the Italian language as their mother tongue ca. 480,000 people Total number of people of Italian origin (totalfirst generation) ca. 70,000 people Number of people of Italian origin (recentfirst generation) ca. 13,000 people ca. 2,800 Italian tourists at any one time (ca. 250,000 in total, per year) Number of Italian-citizen tourists per year Source: SeaOverSeas, Statistics Canada (primarily based on 2001 census)

  3. Total number of people of Italian origin (first, second, and other generations): their geographical location in Canada • By far, most Canadians of Italian origin are concentrated in Ontario (66%). In this province, they represent 4.3% of the entire provincial population • Quebec is the second region of high concentration of Italians. In this province, they represent 2.3% of the entire provincial population The percentage of total population that Italians represent in each province Where Italians can be found in Canada Source: Statistics Canada, SeaOverSeas Source: Statistics Canada, SeaOverSeas

  4. Total number of people of Italian origin (first, second, and other generations): their socio-economic status in Canada • Italian-origin people earn, on average, 10% more than the general population per year. According to the 2001 census, Italian-Canadians had above-average incomes ($34,871 average employment income compared to $31,757 for all Canadians) • They also showed having below-average unemployment rates (5.4% compared to 7.4% for the Canadian labor force as a whole) • They represent a disproportionate number of Canada's construction workers: 6% of people employed in the Canadian construction industry are of Italian origin. However, they are under-represented in agriculture • In general, however, the proportion of Italian-Canadians working in other industries is not far from the percentage of the general population

  5. Total number of first-generation Canadians from Italy: the new Italian immigration to Canada Immigration to Canada directly from Italy (properly: “country of last permanence”) • It is to note that not all individuals whose country of permanence (prior to their immigration to Canada) was Italy are necessarily Italians. Some of them may be Eastern European who spent a couple of years in Italy before coming to Canada • We assume that 90% of these immigrants are actually Italian citizens • It is to note that the growth of immigration from Italy is low (+0.1%). However, this growth figure is biased and meaningless because it is fluctuates so much year after year (gravitating, in a stationary way, around the 400 - 450 region) • Taking an average of the number of immigrants directly from Italy every year and assuming that 10% of them are actually not Italian citizens, we can infer that, in the recent past, there have been, every year,about 400 Italian citizens that emigrate to Canada

  6. Recent first-generation Canadians from Italy: where are they based within Canada? • We estimated that about 12,000 Italians immigrated to Canada in the last 30 years • Using comparisons with the immigrations of the new Chinese and Spanish/ Hispanic immigration (and assuming similar patterns, as new immigrants are usually attracted by the same economic regions), we infer that the distribution of new Canadians from Italy is very close to the following: Number of recent first-generation Canadians from Italy, according to Province Source: SeaOverSeas

  7. Canada versus Italy: the economic sectors • There seems to be two different versions regarding the importance, in Canada, of the industrial versus the service sector. From a monetary (ie, GDP-based) point of view, however, the services sector is more important in Italy than in Canada (based on 2003 data) • We believe that high vulnerability from low-cost-of-labor emerging countries (notably China) concerns, in general, especially the manufacturing sector • Therefore, to the extent that Italy’s service sector represents about 70% of GDP, the Italian economy is more protected to competitive attacks from low-cost-of-labor emerging countries, compared with Canada • However, some services (particularly computer software & internet services may still be subject to low-cost international competition, notably India) Relative importance of the economic sectors Source: Statistics Canada

  8. Trade balance between Italy and Canada Export and Imports according to economic sector Source: Statistics Canada, SeaOverSeas Trade balance according to economic sector Only sector in which Canada is a net producer vis-à-vis Italy } Source: Statistics Canada, SeaOverSeas

  9. Appendix to part 2: International trade between Italy and Canada (PREMIUM RESEARCH REPORT FOR SALE) • The chief Italian export to Canada is in the area of machinery and equipment. This area within Italian technology presumably enjoy high reputation in Canada International trade between Italy and Canada according to economic sector Source: Statistics Canada

  10. Examples of a certain Canadian presence in Italy • Examples of Canadian initiatives and institutes in Italy include: • Associations: • Associazione delle donne canadesi (Italian section, based in Rome), an association of Canadian women: ( (e-mail: • Elementary or high-schoolschools for, presumably, well-to-do Canadian families who want to give their children a “European” elementary or high-school education in a special setting. This model follows the similar, but more wide-spread, US model of foreign schools (primarily devoted to sons and daughter of diplomats) • Canadian Island: a learning center in Tuscany, for children of all ages. Includes summer camps and English-language day school ( • The Renaissance School: a Canadian private high-school based in Rome (full time): ( • Some Canadian universities have a presence in Italy • University’s of Waterloo’s “Rome program” (e-mail: , to Arch. Lorenzo Pignatti). This program is based in Rome itself • The Ontario College of Art and Design has an institute in Florence (e-mail: • The University of Alberta has a program based in Cortona. It also includes archeology courses ( (e-mail: • Some awards are won in Italy by Canadians. For example Canadian winemakers took top prizes at an international wine competition in Italy in early 2006. (