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eight regions of north america l.
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Eight Areas of North America PowerPoint Presentation
Eight Areas of North America

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Eight Areas of North America

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  1. Eight Regions of North America SOL USI.2b

  2. 8 Regions of North America • Coastal Range • Basin and Range • Rocky Mountains • Great Plains • Interior Lowlands • Canadian Shield • Appalachian Mountains • Coastal Plains

  3. Coastal Range • West of the Rocky Mountains • Stretches from Canada to California • Made up of Rugged Mountains and Fertile Valleys

  4. Coastal Range

  5. Coastal Range

  6. Basin and Range • West of the Rocky Mountains • East of the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades • Varying elevations and isolated mountain ranges • Death Valley • Death Valley is the lowest point in North America

  7. Basin and Range

  8. Rocky Mountains • West of the Great Plains • East of the Great Basin • Rugged Mountains with High Elevations • Includes the Continental Divide • The Continental Divide determines the directional flow of rivers

  9. Rocky Mountains

  10. Great Plains • West of the Interior Lowlands • East of the Rocky Mountains • Flatlands that increase in elevation slightly to the west • Known for grasslands

  11. Great Plains

  12. Great Plains

  13. Interior Lowlands • West of the Appalachian Mountains • East of the Great Plains • Lowlands of rolling flatlands • Rivers • Broad valleys and • Grassy hills

  14. Interior Lowlands

  15. Interior Lowlands

  16. Canadian Shield • Wraps around the southern portions of the Great Lakes and the Hudson Bay • Hills worn by erosion • Hundreds of glacier carved lakes • Some of the oldest rock formations in North America

  17. Thousands of Lakes These are Trees. Canadian Shield

  18. Canadian Shield, rock formations

  19. Appalachian Mountains • West of the Coastal Plains • Range from Canada to western Alabama • Oldest mountains in North America • Old eroded mountains

  20. Appalachian Mountains

  21. Appalachian Mountains in the fall.

  22. Coastal Plains • Stretches along the Atlantic Ocean • Broad lowland with excellent harbors • Borders the Gulf of Mexico • Long sandy beaches

  23. A bay in the Coastal Plains

  24. Inlets, bays and capes along the Coastal Plains