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Music and Development

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Music and Development

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  1. Music and Movement Sixth Grade Music

  2. Note Reading • 5 lines on a staff • Every Good Boy Does Fine • E-G-B-D-F • 4 spaces on a staff • F-A-C-E • Middle C has a line below the staff • D is on the space below the staff

  3. Bass and Alto Xylophone • Middle C and G • Half notes • Each note gets 2 counts • Chord • Play the notes at the same time

  4. Alto and Soprano Metallophone • G Quarter note • Quarter rest • E Quarter note • Quarter rest • Play each note one at a time

  5. Alto and Soprano Glockenspiel • Quarter rest • Quarter rest • Quarter rest • C octave chord • Play the notes at the same time

  6. Movement • Quaker, Quaker how are thee? Very well, I thank thee. • Join with your partner right elbow to right elbow • Eight steps walking clockwise • How’s thy neighbor next to thee? I don’t know, I’ll go see. • Reverse elbows (left to left) with your partner • Eight steps walking counter clockwise • Now find a new partner from your group • Continue the song singing and dancing • Complete this movement three times • Enjoy music with singing, dancing, and accompaniment with the instruments!

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