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liberation tigers of tamil eelam l.
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Freedom Tigers of Tamil Eelam PowerPoint Presentation
Freedom Tigers of Tamil Eelam

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Freedom Tigers of Tamil Eelam

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  1. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Origins and Objectives

  2. History • Before the terrorism began in Sri Lanka the country was occupied by the Sinhalese and Tamil people, however the Sinhalese made up most of the population • Based on the imbalance the prime minister began making laws that were discriminatory toward the Tamils such as changing the official language to Sinhala and changing the official religion to Buddhism • As a result of the injustices the Tamil people formed many liberation groups that had nonviolent protest in result of the government • The first liberation group formed was the Tamil Eelam Liberation organization in 1960 • After the formation of this group the nonviolent movement changed to a violent movement and began to do assassinations • With the assassination of Mayor Jaffna in 1975 by Velupillai Pirabakaran the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was formed shortly after

  3. Origin • The LTTE was formed May 5, 1976 in an attempt to form a separate Tamil state • The LTTE was formed by Vulupillai Pirabakaran • The terrorist group was formed after nonviolent protests were not working and the Tamil people were being persecuted by the Sri Lanka government

  4. Objectives • The LTTE has one objective and that is to create a separate state for the Tamils in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. • The LTTE are still struggling today to get a separate state, negotiations are still going on between them and the Sri Lanka government.

  5. LTTE Doctrine “ A Struggle For Justice “ was created to explain the LTTE movement as a freedom struggle and not as a terrorist movement.