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dan ambuhl specifications engineer caltrans l.
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Dan Ambuhl, Details Engineer, Caltrans PowerPoint Presentation
Dan Ambuhl, Details Engineer, Caltrans

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Dan Ambuhl, Details Engineer, Caltrans

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  1. Dan Ambuhl, Specifications Engineer, Caltrans

  2. Selected Special Provisions Welding Structural Steel Audits Temporary Towers Mass Concrete Cable System Steel Structures Main Span Steel Structures YBI

  3. Applies to all Structural Steel Contractor responsible for QC CT has prerogative for QA Welding

  4. QC Plan is required Quality Control Plan CT Qualification Requirement All UT personnel must be qualified by CT QC Inspector shall represent Contractor Document Submittals Welding QC

  5. Quality Assurance at Engineer discretion QA Inspector shall represent Engineer Welding QA

  6. Steel Audits General Steel Meeting Contractor’s Self Audit CT Audit Structural Steel Audit

  7. Temporary Towers Footings Timber piles will not be allowed Driving system submittal is required Dynamic monitoring is required Towers Specified to be made of steel Working drawings will be required Buy America does not apply to temporary works

  8. Consists of portions of piles, pile caps, pier columns and cap beams. Thermal Control Plan is required Demonstration pours are required Mass Concrete

  9. Cable System Cable Wire Rod PPWS Strand S-Wire Cable Wrapping Corrosion System Suspender System Cable System

  10. Typical Structural Steel Girders, plates, connections Full Scale Mock ups will be required, for details shown on the plans Steel Structures Main Span

  11. Steel Structures Main Span Non Typical Structural Steel Hinge Pipe Beams Castings Tower Saddle may be cast in max. of 3 pieces Modular Joint Seal Assemblies, Circular Segmented Bearings Travelers Substation components & service platforms

  12. All structural steel is on the Temporary Detour Structure Buy America does not apply to temporary structures Steel Structures YBI