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fish or people l.
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Fish or Individuals? PowerPoint Presentation
Fish or Individuals?

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Fish or Individuals?

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  1. Fish or People? Place Written by Margaret DePaula at P53K

  2. Who lives in a house?

  3. Who lives in water?

  4. Who eats fish?

  5. Who eats pizza?

  6. Who rides a skateboard?

  7. Who swims?

  8. Who goes to school?

  9. Who swims in a school?

  10. 1. Make 2 copies of first page, one to use as the cover page • 2. Paste fish and people symbol on on this page on heavy cardboard • Cut out and laminate. • 3. Put velcro (sticky side) on the back of laminated symbols • 4. Put velcro (fuzzy side) over fish and people symbol on first page and stick laminated symbols over them • 5. Put a piece of velcro (fuzzy side) on each page and have students answer questions by placing correct picture symbol on the page • Note some pages need two pieces of velcro as both fish and people can be the answer