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Southwestern Adventist College Division of Business Organization PowerPoint Presentation
Southwestern Adventist College Division of Business Organization

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Southwestern Adventist College Division of Business Organization

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  1. Southwestern Adventist UniversityDepartment of Business Administration Values of SWAU MBA Program Get Motivated! Get Informed! Get Connected! Jerry Chi, MBA, Ph.D., Ph.D., Chair

  2. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program MBA Program – Computerized Building

  3. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program Modernized Library for Research

  4. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program Modernized Computer Lab

  5. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program Comfortable Learning Environment

  6. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program MBA Program – Rest Areas

  7. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program Our Business Students (MBA & BBA) Won SIFE Regional Championship

  8. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program MBA Program – Social Activities

  9. Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program Fully Accredited by IACBE & SACS

  10. Figure 5–2 U.S. Employment and Pay by Occupation Source: “November 2003 National Cross-Industry Estimates of Employment and Mean Annual Wage for SOC Major Occupational Groups,” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  11. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Case Figures, Fiscal Years 1997–2003 Source: Data compiled by the Office of Research, Information and Planning from EEOC’s Charge Data System’s national database.

  12. Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program The most valuable degree in the world. ~Time Magazine, July, 2007~

  13. Investing in the MBA degree will be one of the most important decisions of your life. I am pleased you are considering Southwestern Adventist University MBA Program.

  14. SWAU MBA Program Relevance, Excellence, Service • Touching Lives: For God, Church, Organization, Family, and Self • A Cradle for Future Leaders and Managers This year we are starting a MBA program with a new format of five courses offered online and 7 courses offered on Sundays. If you have great potentials to become a leader or manager, you may need this credential to help you climb the career ladder for another 20 or 30 years.

  15. Think GloballyAct Proactively •  According to the article, "Disposable Workers" (Miller, 1999, pp.113-115), in ten years high school graduates will be pushed to the corner of the job market, college graduates will be spread over the streets, and master's degrees will be the basically required credential for most job offers.

  16. Benefits of Graduate Work • Specialist—Synthesize and create Knowledge • Expectation--Academic and occupational • Foundation for doctoral study and scholarship • Efficiency and Economy: Keep the tension for academic work (5 years for two) • Qualification for Leadership and Managerial Position (specialty and managerial training) • Shortage in Job Market (Demand > Supply) • Parental Expectation

  17. Broad-Based Integrative Curriculum MBA In Accounting Emphasis MBA in Management / Leadership Emphasis Weekend MBA Courses Summer Semester (Sunday) BUAD 561 Management Information System (First Module- Sunday) BUAD 531 Marketing Management (Second Module- Sunday) BUAD 521 Financial Management (Third Module- Sunday) Fall Semester (Sunday) ACCT 521 Managerial Accounting (Sunday) ECON 521 Managerial Economics (Sunday) Spring Semester (Sunday) BUAD 631 Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions (Sunday) BUAD 681 Strategic Management (Capstone Course for Graduation) Attended Graduation in May Online MBA Courses BUAD 541 Legal & Ethical Values in Management (Fall Online) BUAD 621 Organizational Theory (Fall- Online) BUAD 623 Leadership and Organizational Behavior (Spring- Online) Choose Two Electives either from Accounting /CPA Electives ACCT 512 Auditing (Fall- online) ACCT 515 Advanced Accounting (Spring- online) Management / Leadership Electives BUAD 514 International Finance (Spring- Online) BUAD 513 Production & Operation Management (Fall- Online) BUAD 676 Topics in Business (Money and Banking or Other subjects in Management)- (Spring Online) MKTG 543 Marketing Research (Spring-Online)

  18. Features of SWAU MBA Program 1. High Standard of Management and Leadership Education 2. Professional and Friendly Environment 3. Intensive Use of Computer Technology 4. Qualified Christian Professors 5. Excellent Faculty to Student Ratio 6. Year-Round Admission: Fall, Spring, and Summer. 7. Integrating Christian Value Into Leadership and Management Training 8. Integrate computer technology with subjects.

  19. GMAT Review Workshop Verbal Reading Writing Sentence Correction (Fluency) Critical Reasoning Quantitative Algebra +Geometry Data Sufficiency A GMAT review workshop will be offered on each Monday of July 16. 23 and 30 and August 6 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Pechero Hall Room #126 (New Building) on Southwestern Adventist University campus. The location is 100 Hillcrest, Keene, TX, 76059. RSVP by emailing to Dr. Jerry Chi at is needed. The registration fee is $25 dollars, paid at the first workshop day, July 16. The designated GMAT review book will be available for the attendees to purchase. A personal check or cash will be accepted.

  20. MBA Placement and Salary • MBA Career Opportunity • MBA Salary • MBA & BBA Salary Statistics • The survey findings were based on information received from approximately 70% of class who responded to those questionnaires and are summarized below. A final report will be available on October 1, 2000. • Median Base Salary$72,750 • Median Total Compensation$82,750 • Average Signing Bonus$10,246Average • Total Comp. $83,606 • Average Base Salary$72,131 • Range Base Salary $35,000-$93,000 • Range Signing Bonus $2,000-$46,000

  21. Career Opportunities for SWAU MBA Alumni • Peter Taylor (MBA May 2006)  Peter now lives in New Jersey and works for the U.S. Government.  He is in training to become a Contract Specialist.  He is very happy with the position that he has, his salary as well as excellent benefits.  He would like to know of any graduating seniors interested in a career in acquisitions.  You have to be a U.S. citizen because the job requires Secret Security Clearance.  Please see Dr. Stembridge for contact information. • Chris SauderDr. Harrington recently received an e-mail from Chris Sauder.  Chris is an accounting graduate and earned his CPA.  He now works for Catholic Healthcare West as a Senior Reimbursement Analyst.  He also reports that Kyle Cowan (another one of our accounting graduates) works at Feather River Hospital in California. • Jorge Lopez (MBA, May 2006) Jorge wrote from California.  He Jorge Lopez works for a company called Swagelok in operations management.  To quote Jorge, "Man, life is sure different from school.  No monkey business.  I feel I have had to grow up really fast and sometimes too fast.  I like it here though".Matt Mitchell (MBA, May 2004) • Matt Mitchell manages four medical facilities in Killeen, Texas.  He is in charge of setting the direction of the largest clinic in Killeen.  He also  handles all the billing, credentialing, hiring, firing, recruiting, and physician/insurance contracting.  Matt said that he does everything from planning strategies, goals, and desired outcomes to implementing and overseeing the plans to fruition.  Matt's company is currently planning to expand its biggest clinic to handle a MRI Imaging Center which will have state of the art equipment.Matt said, "I like the job very much and I was considered for the job because of my M.B.A."

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