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2007 landwarnet conference ft lauderdale fl n.
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2007 LandWarNet Meeting Ft. Lauderdale, FL PowerPoint Presentation
2007 LandWarNet Meeting Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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2007 LandWarNet Meeting Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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  1. IT Human Capital Management Career Program 34 2007 LandWarNet Conference Ft. Lauderdale, FL 21 August 2007 Jackie Rustigian Director, CP-34 Chief, Human Capital Management Division Governance, Acquisition & Chief Knowledge Office HQDA/CIO/G-6 Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  2. Topics Transition of Civilian Training • Work Groups Focus and Strategies • Civilian Education System (CES) IT Workforce Development • SITMAB Governance and Human Capital Strategic Plan • CIO/G-6 500 Day Plan – Goal 5 • CIO/DOIM Models • Recruitment: AKLeaders/DA Interns Career Program 34 • CIO/University Programs • Leadership Training & Development • Outreach Training • Army e-Learning Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  3. Transition of TrainingG1 to G3 Purpose • New concept for managing the Civilian Corps, building multifunctional expertise, and establishing a talent pool for management positions. Transition of functional training under (DUSA-BT). End State • G1, G3 and TRADOC will manage civilian training comparable to the military model, to create a solid link between military and civilian HR functions. • CIO/G-6 will retain IT functional authority under Title 40, Sect.3 (Clinger-Cohen Act) Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  4. Work Groups #1 Transition of Training. Ensure civilian training and development is accomplished effectively and efficiently and align civilian processes with the military. Extend functional training to entire Army civilian population. #2 Broad Career Groups and Civilian Corps Regulations.Transition to broad career groups, citing best options based on other service models. Incorporate workforce not covered in CP/CFs and cite resource implications to cover the entire Army civilian workforce. #3 TRADOC Schools.Maximize use of TRADOC and other Schools for civilian functional training. #4 Army Career Tracker.Provide options for electronic career management systems and determine the most cost effective program, considering OPM/OMB/DoD restrictions, and modeling on programs in other services. Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  5. DLAMP SSC Advanced Course Intermediate Course Basic Course Foundation Course AODC, SDC, MDC Civilian Education System Civilian Education System (CES)(GS-12-14) Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready 5

  6. CES Matrix Intermediate Course (IC) Foundation Course (FC) Basic Course (BC) Advanced Course (AC) Army Leaders in permanent supervisory or managerial positions Senior civilian leaders or Program/Project Managers Military supervisors of civilians and other DoD employees GS13-15 or comparable NSPS pay band Army Leaders in permanent supervisory or managerial positions Army civilian Program/ Project Managers Military supervisors of civilians and other DoD employees Army civilian Program/Project Managers Army civilian team leaders or supervisor managers Military supervisors of civilians and other DoD employees Eligible for resident phase DL for all courses is available to all All Army civilian employees Military and other DoD employees FC required for Interns, Team Leaders, and Supervisors employed after 30 Sep 06 Prerequisite for resident phase FC if required BC or substitution FC if required FC if required BC, IC or substitution for each GS13-15 or comparable NSPS pay band Courses: LEAD, OBC/ BOLC, WOAC, ANCOC or more advanced level Substitution for 5+ yrs leading teams of Federal civilian employees Courses: AMSC/SBLM, CGSC/ILE, WOSSC, SMC or more advanced level Substitution for 5+ yrs Sr level manager of Federal civilian employees **Course Credit/ Substitution for resident phase Army civilians employed pre 30 Sep 06 are not required to take FC; will receive credit for this course Courses: OLE, CCC, WOSC, FSC or more advanced level Substitution for 5+ yrs direct/indirect supervision of Federal civilian employees **Graduates of AMSC/SBLM, CGSC/ILE, SMC, or WOSSC receive credit for attending CES. Participants/graduates of SSC, DLAMP or DoD ELDP are exempt from attending CES. Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  7. Senior ITM Advisory Board(SITMAB) Purpose • To collaborate, advise and support the CIO/G-6 (FC for IT) in Human Capital Management and the Personnel Proponent for Signal Corps Branch 25 and Functional Areas 24 and 53 on issues relevant to IT workforce management. The Army Senior ITM Advisory Board is chartered by the Army CIO Executive Board. Members • GO/SES from AMC, USARNG, USAR, COE, DISA, FORSCOM, G 3/5/7, MEDCOM, NETCOM, PEO C3T, PEO EIS, TRADOC Focus Areas • Army IT Human Capital Strategic Plan; e-Learning; Mastery Learning; Certifications (MIL/CIV/Contractor); KM/IM; Leader Development Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  8. It Human Capital Strategic Plan Goal 1 – Recruit • Recruit a highly qualified professional IM/IT workforce that is agile and adaptive. Goal 2 – Train • Develop the IM/IT workforce to provide breadth, depth and currency of skills necessary to support the Army. Goal 3 – Retain • Create an environment that encourages valued IM/IT professionals to grow and contribute to the Army. Goal 4 - Share Knowledge • Develop an organizational culture that promotes and rewards sharing knowledge across the enterprise. Goal 5 – Manage • Develop innovative competent leaders and effective processes to manage the Army IM/IT workforce. Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  9. CIO/G-6 500 Day Plan Goal 5: Develop the Army’s IT/IM knowledge and skills to support mission needs • Improve Information Technology Management Competencies • Develop Knowledge Management (KM) Competencies and Skills • Leverage IT Manager’s Intellectual Capital to Strengthen Workforce • Leverage e-Learning for all Army Functions Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  10. CIO Professional Development Gateway to Gateway to Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  11. DOIM Model • Leadership • Technical Training • Technical Certifications • Technical Proficiency • Business Acumen • Experience Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready 11

  12. Army Knowledge Leaders Program(AKL) Objectives • Revitalize Army workforce with modern IT corps • Build Knowledge Management (KM) culture • Revitalize new leadership with versatile skills • Fast-track career development Features • 2-year premier program to build CIO/KM competencies • Leader development through Senior level mentoring • Focus on project management & new technologies • Team training and structured work experience • Rotations across major Army/DoD organizations • Challenging work that impacts Army and the nation • Career placement in critical defense areas Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  13. Building the New Workforce Attributes of AKL Candidates • Outstanding Scholars (3.5 GPA) • Leadership experience (school, civic, etc.) • Strong oral and written communication • Experience in project management & solid teamwork • Knowledge of IT/ITM theory and practice • Focused career goals & commitment to public service AKL Profiles • 21 Graduates (AKL 01-05) • 11 Candidates (AKL 06-07) • Total: 32 (17 male/15 female) • Minorities: 18 out of 32 • Most cum laude, magna, summa • Many double majors, some Master’s Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  14. CP-34 ACTEDS Training IRM College/National Defense University University Programs Leader Training and Development Outreach Training Army e-Learning Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  15. IRMC Certificate Programs(GS-13-15, GS 12 by Waiver) • Chief Information Officer (CIO) 8 courses over 4 years (15 credits) • Information Assurance (IA) 5 courses over 4 years (9 credits) • Enterprise Architecture (EA) 7 courses + practicum • Organizational Transformation (OT) 8 courses over 4 years (15 credits) • IT Project Management (IT PM) 6 courses leading to PMP Certification • Advanced Management Program (AMP) 14 week residential offered Jan-Apr & Sep-Dec Includes CIO Certificate and may include IA Certificate • All courses available in classroom or distributed mode • IRMC graduate credits accepted in partner institutions Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  16. Organizational Transformation Certificate Program Foundation (3 courses) • Courses: Leadership for the Information Age, Transformation as Strategy, Human Capital Strategies Area of Concentration (3 courses in 1 area + 2 electives) • Electronic Government • National Security/Military Affairs • Domestic Preparedness • Mission/Business of Government • Courses: IT Business Case, IM Planning, Strategies for Process Improvement, IT Capital Planning, Enterprise Architectures for Managers, IT Acquisition, KM - Leveraging Intellectual Resources Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  17. University Programs(GS-11-15, GS 09 by Waiver) Bachelor’s and Master’s Program Majors • IT Management/CIO • Knowledge Management (KM) • Information Science/Information Systems • Information Management • Informatics • Management Topics • MBA, MBA-MIS, Techno-MBA • Information Security/Information Assurance • Biometrics/Computer Forensics Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  18. University Training Policy Guidance • Delegation of authority for funding academic degrees resides with ASA(M&RA) • Supervisors and Career Program Managers must verify accreditation of academic institutions CP-34 Selection Process • Incomplete: Applicant has chance to complete • Disapproved: Communicate to CPM and trainee • Approved: FCR sends memorandum of endorsement and application to ASA(M&RA) • ASA(M&RA) approves/disapproves • Decision process takes 2 months • Continued Service Agreement must be signed (3:1) and sent to CP-34 Requirements: G-1 approval (2 mos) and Continued Service Agreement (3:1) Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  19. Leader Training & Development OPM Management Seminars(GS-11-15) • One-week single concept programs (Denver and WV) Developmental Assignments(GS-12-14) • Army CIO experience with CIO/RCIO activities • 2-4 month experience (flexible schedule) CES(GS-11-14) DLAMP (GS-13-15) • 3-5 year top leadership program to develop SES for DoD • 3 Tracks: Education, Foundation Courses, PME Army Senior Fellows Program (GS-14-15) • New 2 year SES candidate development program under G3 • Relocation to NCR with CONUS/OCONUS TDY (up to 9 mos) • Graduates are competitive for SES appointments Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  20. Outreach Training Key IT and Management Topics at Field Sites • IT Project Management • KM Foundations • ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library • COTR: Contracting Officer Technical Representative • PBSOW: Performance-Based Statement of Work • Enterprise Architecture (FY 08) • Service Level Agreements (FY 08) • Career Challenge Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  21. Army e-Learning Free • For Active Army, Civilian, Guard and Reserve Training Programs • 2600+ IT/Business/Leadership courses w/Learning Roadmaps • New - Books 24X7 ReferenceWare (Business/Technical) • Microsoft MCSE/MCSA Knowledge Center Certifications • 40+ computer systems certification preparatory courses (PM, MCSE/MCSA, ISSC, Security+, Cisco, Oracle, etc.) Rosetta Stone • 30 Foreign language training courses Log on to AKOhttp://www.us.army.mil • Click on My Education • Choose Army e-Learning Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  22. Army ITMCareers Web Site Career Program 34 Training Catalog • CP-34 Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles and Goals • Description of the CP-34 Programs • Training and Development – FY08 Offerings • Application procedures and deadlines • Frequently Asked Questions • Web Site https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/435461 Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  23. ACTEDS - RASS Resource Allocation Selection System How to Use RASS (2-week lead time) • Send application through chain of command to CP-34 • CP-34 notifies Trainee and CPM of approval/disapproval • Complete forms online and send through chain to CP-34 • Training (DD1556) • Travel (DD1610) or • Local Travel (SF1164) • CP-34 endorses and forwards to G-1 Budget Office • Budget Office notifies Trainee & CP-34 of approval • Documentsmust have fund cite & signature of fiscal officer beforestart date of training (no retroactive actions) Web site • https://acpwap.army.mil/rass/ Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready

  24. Kathleen Chan CIO/KM/Leadership Programs kathleen.chan@us.army.mil 703-604-2069 (DSN 664) Kimberly Crandall CP-34 University Programs kimberly.crandall@us.army.mil 703-604-2075 (DSN 664) Allen Haymon CP-34 Outreach Programs allen.haymon@us.army.mil 703-604-2074 (DSN 664) Dr. Edward Fujimoto AKL/Intern Recruiter/Trainer edward.fujimoto@us.army.mil 703-604-2059 (DSN 664) Human Capital Management Staff Donna Crawford Human Capital Programs/ACQ donna.crawford2@us.army.mil 703-604-2039 (DSN 664) Erica Parker Human Capital Programs erica.parker6@us.army.mil 703-602-8520 (DSN 332) Mechelle Wilkins Human Capital Program Support mechelle.wilkins@us.army.mil 703-602-0448 (DSN 332) Jackie Rustigian Chief, Human Capital Mgmt jackie.rustigian@us.army.mil 703-604-2110 (DSN 664) FAX 703-604-2963 (DSN 664-2963) Our Army At War – Relevant and Ready