Branch of Advertising Outline Dr. Wayne D. Hoyer Director and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Store Seat With the - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Branch of Advertising Outline Dr. Wayne D. Hoyer Director and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Store Seat With the PowerPoint Presentation
Branch of Advertising Outline Dr. Wayne D. Hoyer Director and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Store Seat With the

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Branch of Advertising Outline Dr. Wayne D. Hoyer Director and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Store Seat With the

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  1. Department of MarketingOverviewDr. Wayne D. Hoyer Chairman and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Fund Chair for Free Enterprise

  2. Teaching • Academic Programs • #3, Marketing Undergraduate Program, U.S. News and World Report • #9, Marketing Graduate Program, U.S. News and World Report • #18 MBA Program, U.S. News and World Report

  3. Teaching Awards • Bob Peterson- AMA Distinguished Marketing Educator Award (2006) • Raji Srinivasan- Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors (2006) • Frenkel ter Hofstede- CBA Foundation Advisory Council Award for Teaching Innovation (2006) • Kate Mackie-MBA Applause Teaching Award (2005) • Kate Mackie-MBA Honor Roll (2004, 2005)

  4. Research Awards • Susan Broniarczyk, Wayne Hoyer, and Leigh McAlister-O’Dell Award for top paper in Journal of Marketing Research over 5 year period (2003) • Frenkel ter Hofstede- O’Dell Award for top paper in Journal ofMarketing Research over 5 year period (2003) • Frenkel ter Hofstede- CBA Foundation Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors (2005) • Frenkel ter Hofstede- MSI Young Scholar (2003) • Raji Srinivasan- CBA FoundationResearch Excellence Award for Assistant Professors (2006) • Vijay Mahajan- recognized by as one of the most highly cited Business/Econ researchers in the world • Vijay Mahajan-Best paper award IJRM (2004), Best paper award, JAMS (2004)

  5. Research Awards (cont.) • Raj Raghunathan - MSI Young Scholar (2005) • Wayne Hoyer- Award for Research Excellence- MSB (2004) • Wayne Hoyer- Award for Outstanding Research Contributions- MSB (2005) • Mark Alpert and Linda Golden-American Risk and Insurance Prize for most valuable contribution (2003) • Linda Golden- Robert I. Mehr Award for journal article with 10 year lasting contribution to risk management (2004)

  6. Composition of Faculty • Full Professors: 8 • Associate Professors: 3 • Assistant Professors: 4 • Lecturers: 13 full and part-time

  7. Newest Faculty • Garrett Sonnier(UCLA) • Teaching Areas- Marketing Core, Marketing Research, Pricing • Research Areas- Choice models, Bayesian analysis, empirical modeling in product and brand management, econometrics

  8. Interaction with Industry • Involvement with the Center for Customer Insight (Accenture, Frito Lay, 3M, H-E-B, Ford, Quarry Communications, Philip Morris) • Customer Strategy Class (Frito Lay, Dell, Freescale, Ford, P&G, 3M) • Practicum (Dell, Frito Lay, 3M, H-E-B, Ford, Verizon, Philip Morris, SBC, Freescale, Dow Chemicals, Applied Materials, Accenture, P&G, Traq Wireless, Nortel Networks, Vignette)

  9. CCI Practica • Fall 2005 • Freescale: Home NetworkingConduct a market study toexplore, define and quantify potential business opportunity in home networking that will contain a high semiconductor content • Frito-Lay: Packaging InnovationCreate a portfolio of products/packaging that provides emotional and functional benefits to the multi-tasking consumer during the work/study need state • Yucatan Foods: Consumer Marketing Strategic Growth PlanDevelop a recommendation for Yucatan Foods’ strategic growth plan in the Hispanic Food Category (specifically, guacamole, fresh salsa and other avocado derivative products)

  10. CCI Practica Spring 2006 Accenture: Value Model for RFID Use in the HomeExplore the value of RFID technology in consumers' daily lives and develop a value model for new product development Emergency Service Partners, LP: Establish Brand MessageEstablish brand message and formulate a plan for implementation and spread Heinz Frozen Sauces: Market Opportunity Assessment for Frozen SaucesDetermine if and how frozen sauce offerings should be expanded • Lance Armstrong Foundation: LIVESTRONG™ International Merchandising ProjectExplore the feasibility of expanding the merchandise line for distribution into international markets • Yucatan Foods: Consumer New Market Entry StrategyDevelopment of a successful strategy recommendation to serve the 1st/2nd generation Hispanic customer

  11. Community Involvement • Faculty involved in projects with: US Bureau of the Census, SafePlace (shelter for battered women), Governor’s Task Force on Obesity, Center for Domestic Violence, Hospice Austin • Frequent class projects for local non-profit organizations • Course on Community Development and Social Enterprise

  12. Accepted Offers for 2005 and 2006 Graduates

  13. FT Employment Functions2006 Graduates

  14. Marketing and Brand Management 3M American Airlines ChevronTexaco Coca-Cola Con Agra Dell Dow Chemical Dupont Eli Lilly Federal Express Ferragamo Frito-Lay GE Company General Mills H.J. Heinz Hoover's IBM Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark Miller Microsoft Ortho-McNeil PepsiCo Pfizer Philip Morris Procter & Gamble RadioShack RealNetworks TXU

  15. Salary Statistics • 2006 FT average (current) • Annual salary $91,811 • Signing Bonus (88%) $19,621 • 2005 FT average (final) • Annual salary $84,025 • Signing Bonus (54%) $14,449

  16. MKT Strengths • Very strong and well trained researchers- high research productivity • A culture that develops junior faculty • Good interaction with industry (faculty/industry consortium, practicums, and projects) • Innovative courses (Customer Strategy, Customer Insight, etc.) • Center for Customer Insight

  17. Key Initiatives for 2006 • Recruiting new faculty (7 in next 3 years) • Attract more MBA’s into Marketing • Improve MBA Marketing core class • Increase the rigor and analytical content of all courses • Continue to reduce the class size and increase the rigor of Principles of Marketing (U-grad) • Increase Industry collaboration • Faculty/Industry Consortium

  18. Key Items for Discussion • Center for Customer Insight • Center Direction • ReLaunch • Fresher Message • New Name? • Center Projects (Future Consortia and Collaboration) • Hot Topics

  19. Faculty/Industry Consortium Update • Original Idea: Develop a consortium of industry collaborators (diverse group) and faculty to: • Participate in ‘think tank’ sessions • Develop a research agenda • TOPIC: Must be ‘cutting edge’ and of great interest to both industry and academics: • EX: Future impact of RFID/EPC technology on marketing and business practice

  20. RFID Consortium(derived from 2005 AB Meeting) October 21, 2005 Philip Morris, FedExKinko’s, Dell, HEB, Accenture Identification of Broad Level Key Research/Practicum topics such as: • What is ROI at different levels of investment? -moving return forward- • Trade off Privacy versus consumer benefits -how much consumers are willing to give up -how to best mollify consumers to accept -what are consumers concerns to resistance?

  21. More Topics • Historic cases of adoption -(case historics) similar products/technologies • Consumers vision of RFID benefits –Evaluate different benefits –trade-offs -enough benefit to keep or change loyalty -changes purchasing patterns? -varies by segment? • Implications for internet shopping? • Build a model of consumer adoption of RFID –is there any consumer pull?

  22. Outcomes Companies asked: • to assist in defining the broad-level topics into actionable semester-long projects • to consider sponsoring one of the projects • to consider serving as point of contact for a project _____________________ Goal: Host 4 RFID focused projects for the Spring 2006 Semester and follow-up with an end of semester RFID event in which participating companies would attend.

  23. Results • Only One RFID practicum conducted (in collaboration with Accenture) ______________________ Need input on how to improve process of soliciting more feedback and increasing company involvement

  24. Industry Needs & Perspectives • Hiring Needs • Recruiting Challenges • New hires roles/positions • Desired Skill sets • Advice for the Department

  25. Dept of Marketing Needs & Perspectives • Student interest shifting from Mktg • Marketing & promotion strategies • Curriculum changes


  27. Internships – Class of 2007 Current data Median monthly salary $6,000 Average monthly salary $6,283

  28. Curriculum in MBA Program • Specializations • General Marketing • Brand Management • Customer Insight

  29. MBA Electives • Brand Management • Marketing Communications • Consumer Behavior • Strategic Marketing • Marketing Research • Corporate Governance • Customer Insights • Customer Relationship Management • Innovative Business Marketing: Creation of Value • Marketing Analysis and Decision Making in the Information Age • New Product Design and Marketing • Customer Strategy • Pricing/Distribution Strategies • Marketing High Tech Products • Service Management • Marketing and Customer Insights Practicum

  30. BBA Courses • Required: • Principles of Marketing • Information and Analysis • Marketing Policies

  31. Electives • Professional Selling and Sales Management • Retail Merchandising • Brand Management • Customer Insights • Consumer Behavior • Marketing Communications • High Tech Marketing • Data Mining • Customer Relationship Management • Direct Marketing • Global Marketing • Community Development and Social Enterprise