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  1. SUPER SATURDAY Hosted by Lee HS US History Teachers

  2. TAKS Objective 2 The student will demonstrate an understanding of geographic influences on historical issues and events. Fancy way of saying: you must know how geography effected history.

  3. The State of Texas says that students must pass their TAKS in order to graduate. Each teacher must teach certain knowledge and skills for their class. These are called TEKS objectives Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills The TAKS test is an assessment over the TEKS objectives. TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Also has 5 main objectives. This is why your exit leveltest has questions from your 8th,9th,10th and 11th grade Social Studies classes on it. Exit level Social Studies TAKS

  4. TAKS objectives • #1 students will demonstrate an understanding of issues and events in U.S. History. (taught in 8th and 11th grade) • #2 student will demonstrate an understanding of geographic influences on historical issues and events (Geography is a subject taught mostly in 9th grade, but there is some geography that carries over into 10th and 11th grade too.) • #3 The student will demonstrate an understanding of economic and social influences on historical issues and events ( even though you don’t take economics till your Senior year we have been teaching you certain economic items since 8th grade.)

  5. The last two TAKS objectives • #4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of political influences on historical issues and events. Fancy way of saying do you know how Government and Politics effected history. Even though you don’t take Government till your Senior year we have been teaching you certain Government items since 8th grade. #5 The student will use CRITICAL thinking to analyze Social Studies information. Fancy way of saying: can you use maps,charts,graphs, and primary source readings to answer questions.

  6. Objective: Analyze the effects of physical and human geographic factors on major events including the building of the Panama Canal. • “human geographic factor” • Anything made by man that effected the geography of the land. • Example the Panama Canal was made by men and it cut a canal through Panama for a faster transportation route. • “physical geographic factor” 9th grade review. • Physical geography Is anything made by nature. Such as mountains, lakes, oceans.

  7. “migration” Movement inside your country. Example: TheGreat Migration1890-1930 was when African Americans moved north and west to escape the south and find work industry. Practice questions 6 and 23. “immigration” Movement from country to country. Example: 1840-1920 America had around 37 million immigrants come to America for work. In the west they were Asian immigrants and in the east most immigrants came from Europe This lead to overcrowding in the cities. Objective: The student understand the effects of migration and immigration on American society

  8. “Spatial diffusion” Fancy way of saying: how something spread and how that effected the region. “ exchange between old and new world” Old world (Europe and other nations discovered before 1492) New World (North and South America) Places discovers around or after 1492 Colombian Exchange Objective: Trace the spatial diffusion of phenomenon and describe its effects on regions of contact such as the spread of the bubonic plague and the exchange between old and new world.

  9. Objective: Analyze geographic effect on the past and present PAST • Example: because North American had natural resources (furs, fish, gold, silver, timber, and land) this attracted European explorers and settlers to America. • PRESENT Thanks to that settlement it shaped the distribution of culture groups today. For example the South has many Hispanics because long ago the Spanish settled the south western area of what is now the United States.

  10. Objective: The student understands the types and patterns of settlement, the factors that affect where people settle, and processes of settlement development over time • Fancy way of saying do you know why people live where they do? • Example: most big cities with high population density ( meaning a lot of people live there) are near water. WHY? • People need water to live and water their crops to eat. • Cities along the coast settled there because the ocean provided a way to make a living using ports for transportation and trade • Practice question #1

  11. Objective: Can you read maps charts and graphs? • GOOD GEOGRAPHY SKILLS For maps • Always locate the title first • Locate the map key or legend • Locate the compass rose. If it has none draw one, or if it incomplete fill it in. • Locate the scale (used to measure distance)

  12. Good Geography skills for charts and graphs • Read the title of the chart or graph • Locate the key or legend • Check and see if the source is given to you This will tell you where the information came from. • If it is a bar graph make sure to read the information on the sides and bottom of the graph.

  13. Objective: The student understands how major scientific and mathematical discoveries and technological innovations have affected society throughout history • Fancy way of saying do you know how science, math, and technologies inventions have changed history? Example: Thanks to electricity we moved our factories away from rivers and other water sources because we no longer needed to use hydroelectricity(water power) to run the factory machines.

  14. Practice released TAKS questions. • 9 questions • Each question has the objective below it so that you know what the State of Texas is testing you on. • If you are having trouble answering the question go back in the packet for help. Want to know if you got them right? ask Mrs.Garcia-DuBravec portable 4