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Our Central goal:

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Our Central goal:

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  1. Our Mission: • To support all students in their academic pursuits and to connect their “job” s a learner to their future as an ethical earner.

  2. Our Core Values: Working as a small group of teachers, our focus is to address the learning needs of each student

  3. What is the focus of our curriculum? Create curriculum that incorporates into core courses: Effective Goal Setting Personal Finance Awareness Business Activities Preparation for Life After High School

  4. MBA Business-Technology Curriculum Pathway Computer Applications 9th Grade 10th Grade Personal Finance Banking/Credit 11th Grade Virtual Enterprise 12th Grade

  5. MBA Business-Technology Curriculum Pathway Computer Applications 9th Grade Adding for 2008/2009 Accounting Sports Marketing 10th Grade 11th Grade Virtual Enterprise 12th Grade

  6. What makes MBA unique? Virtual Enterprise • In their senior year, MBA students will enroll in a class that directly models a variety of work experiences • All MBA classes from grades 9-11 will prepare them for the Virtual Enterprise class • Satisfies Economics requirement

  7. What makes MBA unique? 7 Habits Training Students will be trained in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens which augments the curriculum of core MBA classes

  8. What makes MBA unique? Business Focus “Business- Informed” Curriculum Business Simulations Guest Speakers

  9. What makes MBA unique? National Endowment for Financial Education High School Curriculum Focuses on: Financial Literacy Using Credit Wisely Career Choices Budgeting

  10. Where can you get more information about MBA? Contact: John Jacobson Lead Teacher, Millikan Business Academy (562) 425-7441 EXT. 4420 jjacobson@lbusd.k12.ca.us