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rsm erasmus university your gateway to the world l.
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RSM Erasmus College Your Door to the World PowerPoint Presentation
RSM Erasmus College Your Door to the World

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RSM Erasmus College Your Door to the World

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  1. RSM Erasmus UniversityYour Gateway to the World Information Session for Exchange Students “Prepared by Students”

  2. Contents • Why Exchange at RSM? • The FT MBA Programme • MBA FT Student Profile • City of Rotterdam • Gateway to Europe • Student Activities • A Portrait of RSM • Quotes from other Exchange Students • Contact details

  3. Why Exchange at RSM? Study • Among top ranked European MBA schools (in top 5) • Full Integration into RSM Class and student activities (part of a community) • Join a school where diversity and knowledge sharing is prominent • Innovative and Specialized curriculum Support • Full access to Career Services inc Career fair, company presentations and interviews • Dedicated support from Housing office - They will help you find a place and deal with immigration issues • Access to RSM alumni network (over 11,000, RSM chapters in over 25 countries) Location • Viewed as a “Gateway to Europe”. Close proximity to main European cities • Most students live with in 10 minutes walking distance of school • Inexpensive place to live

  4. The FT MBA Programme 2. Business Disciplines 3. Advanced Core & Summer Associate Programme 4. Advanced Topics in Management 1. Management Basics • Advanced Finance (II) • Brand Power • Business Future Strategy • Change Management • Cross Cultural Management • Entrepreneurship • Financial Engineering • FX & Money Markets • Geopolitics Oct - Jan Feb - Apr May - Aug Sept - Dec Exchange Period • Inter. Finance & Economic analysis • Intercultural Management • International Advertising • International Finance & Pacific Asia • International Investment Management • International Negotiation & Contracting • Leadership • Management Control Systems • Managing Marketing Communications • Real Options Analysis • Sales & Key Account Management • Strategic Finance & Value Creation • Strategic Management Accounting • Strategic Sourcing • Strategy & Innovation • Supply Chain Management • All classes are in English

  5. MBA FT Student Profile Facts • # FT Students = 210 • 110 second year + 100 first year (average over last 3 years) • Average class size = 30 (for specialist subjects in final semester) • Average age = 30 yrs • Work experience = 6 yrs • 94% International Class Flavor • International atmosphere • Very collegiate – work & play • Less egos • Develop real relationships • Exchange students quickly fit-in

  6. City of Rotterdam • Located in heart of Europe • Historic city (1340) • 2nd largest city in the Netherlands (after Amsterdam) • Largest port in Europe • European Culture Capital (2001) • International City with many subcultures (English is widely spoken)

  7. Gateway to Europe • Examples of distances from Rotterdam: • Breakfast in Paris - 180min by train • Interview in London - 40mins by plane • Lunch in Rome - 80mins by plane • Dinner in Amsterdam - 40mins by train 1H 1-2 H 2-3 H - - - Estimated Flight Times

  8. Student Activities • Active Student Association (especially the Social Chairs!!) • Café Concordia • Principle RSM Clubs • Consulting Club • Entrepreneur & Venture Club • Finance & Investment Club • Management Club • Women In Management Club • Sustainability Club • International Club (Lots of weekly activities) • Communication & Leadership Club • Sports Club (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Sailing, Rowing, Tennis, Kite-surfing…etc)

  9. Quotes from current Exchange Students • “I enjoyed the high-profile professors during the electives from around the world.” Alex Klos, MBA 2006, SDA Bocconi • “The business school has enormous diversity and everyone has been extremely welcoming of the exchange students. We really feel that we are part of RSM.” Justine Tiller, MBA 2006, Melbourne Business School • “I was impressed by the number of big consultancy firms coming on campus to recruit.” Robert Zubic, MBA 2006, Sauder School of Business, UBC • "RSM represents the epitome of the international business school experience. Virtually all students, hailing from all corners of the globe, have experiences in multiple nations prior to coming to RSM.  RSM offers an exceptionally intimate and friendly environment for students to share their professional knowledge and personal stories.  Best of all, cosmopolitan Netherlands is a great base to travel throughout Europe, giving you a chance to get to know other students while in school and on the go.” Steven Huang, MBA 2006, Haas School of Business

  10. Contact Details • Maria Rosa Parra RSM Exchange Programme Manager