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Web Learning in Higher Ed

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Web Learning in Higher Ed

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  1. Online Learning in Higher Ed Curt Bonk, Indiana University, Associate Prof http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk and President, CourseShare.com cjbonk@indiana.edu http://CourseShare.com

  2. Oncourse Course Management Tool

  3. SiteScape Forum for Discussions

  4. IU Online MBA Homepage

  5. Kelley Direct Partnership with GM • Joint program with Purdue School of Engineering and Continuing Education • Obtain MBA online after complete engineering MS • 48 credits normal (cut to 42 in here) • March 2002 35 in program • 100 waiting to get in • Take 1 courses/quarter (3 yr program)

  6. Partnership with John Deere • MS in finance for financial managers • Just began • 52 credits • 25 students in program

  7. Summary to Date • 2 year program with residency • Started with 14 students • Now have 240 total in MBA programs • Graduated 60 MBA students to date • Gain students though networking, customer contacts, etc.

  8. Master’s in Language Education and IST

  9. Faculty Training and Support at IU • Instructional Consulting • Mentoring (strategic planning $) • Small Pots of Funding • Technology Labs & Facilities • Summer and Year Round Workshops • Office of Distributed Learning • Colloquiums, Tech Showcases, Guest Speakers, Recognition in Annual Reports • Newsletters, guides, active learning grants, annual reports, faculty development, brown bags

  10. Learning to Teach with Technology Studio (LTTS) (Partnership of IU and PBS)

  11. LTTS Features • Short courses (25 growing to 55+) • On the web • Start anytime and move at own pace • Focus on technology integration in inquiry lessons and projects • Problem-centered modules • Practical and educational • Facilitated • Standards-based (ISTE NETS and national academic standards)

  12. TICKIT: Rural Teacher Technology Integration

  13. Overview of TICKIT • In-service teacher education program • Rural schools in southern Indiana • Yearlong, 25 teachers from 5 schools • Primarily school-based • Supported by participating school systems, Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and Indiana University

  14. Inquiry Learning Forum

  15. E-Learning Spin-Outs or in IU Research Park • WisdomTools • Information in Place, Inc (IIPI) • CourseShare.com