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Software engineering

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Software engineering

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  1. Computer Science

  2. The Face of Computer Scientists

  3. What is Computer Science? • It is the management and development of software to perform work or instructions • Examples: • IPODs • Artificial Intelligence • Video Games • Cell Phone Functions • PDA’s • Internet

  4. Why Computing? • Today, computers are used in almost every aspect of our lives: • in car engines • microwave ovens • video games • watches • telephones • desktops at home and work • mainframe computers in government and industry • supercomputers expanding the frontiers of science and technology • The computer industry is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy and that growth promises to continue well into the next century.

  5. Computer Science Prepares Students • with knowledge and skills needed to apply computing technology to solve problems in the rapidly changing world of information technologies. • for graduate and/or professional studies at institutions and organizations where they must keep pace with current knowledge to be successful.

  6. Computer Science at HT . . . • Class sizes are small • classrooms are multimedia classrooms • Uses computers with overhead projectors • Internet accessibility • Classes taught by professors experienced in industry • Faculty readily available for assistance

  7. . . . Computer Science at HT • All course information available on-line through Blackboard • Internship opportunities are abundantly available • Tutoring available

  8. Student Internships

  9. Concentrations • Three degrees are offered in Computer Science plus a minor in Computer Forensics. • BS in Computer Science • BA in Computer Science for Database Administration • BA in Computer Science for Business Track

  10. Why should I consider a career in Computer Science? • One of the fastest growing careers in the industry • Salary Range - $40,000 - $200,000+ depending on education and experience • Travel – Most computer professionals travel all over the world • Excitement – Technology is changing faster than any other industry. Lots of neat things to work on in many different segments.

  11. Job Market • 7 of the top 10 fastest growing occupations between 2000 and 2010 are computer related • Reference: U.S. Department of LaborBureau of Labor Statistics • Web site:

  12. Example Career Opportunities • Computer Science • Artificial Intelligence • Computer Theory, Design and Engineering • Operating Systems and Networks • Software Applications • Information Systems • Systems Analyst and Applications Programmer • Technical Writing • Network Management

  13. What will the industry look like in the next decade? • Entire households will be run by computers • Remotely turn on air conditioning • Cooking will be done while you drive home • Security • 1 device in the household will handle all communications • Televisions • Computer • Telecommunications • Paper will be a thing of the past • Communications from any place on earth to any other place on earth

  14. Computer Science Department • Faculty consist of 4 highly qualified professionals • Professor Carolyn Golden • Computer Science; B.S., Norfolk State University; M.S., Virginia Tech.Currently close to finishing Ph.D. • Dr. Allen Johnson • B.S.E.E., University of Pittsburgh; M.S.E.E., Syracuse University; Ph.D. Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin. • Dr. Hershall Shelley • B.S.M. E. Texas A&M University at Prairie View Campus • Ph.D. M.E. Colorado State University • Dr. Thai-Doung Tran • B.S., University of Ho Chi Minh City; M.S., Asian Institute of technology; Ph.D., University of Iowa.

  15. Leadership • CS students encouraged to take on leadership positions on the campus in professional, social, and student government organizations and extracurricular activities. • Organizations that Computer Science students participate in include • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), • BetaKappa Chi Scientific Honorary Society (BKX), • National Instituteof Science Scientific Honor Society, • Association of Computing Machinery

  16. Critical Goal • One critical goal of the department is to produce graduates that compete with any graduates from any of the top schools in the Nation. • Feedback from graduates indicates that this mission is being accomplished among those students who make education their priority while at Huston-Tillotson University

  17. Example of Research in Computer Science Department Transportation Model Modeling How Cattle are Transported Two students working on this project

  18. Purpose of Model • To link the various epidemiologic models and produce a scalable model depicting the movement of cattle on trucks based on decisions made by the owners of the cattle

  19. Objectives of Modeling Technique(Using Rainbow Nets) Create a model • that is easy to understand • that is scaleable • that does not suffer state explosion as complexity increases • that can be changed easily and lends itself to incremental development • that can be partitioned into various elements so that the structure lends itself to parallelization for running in a multiprocessor environment with multiple threads.

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  21. Computer Science is Where the Action Is • Opportunity to work on exciting projects • Opportunity to earn excellent income • Opportunity to travel • Opportunity to learn about many different areas • Opportunity to work with many different people