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Tennis Principles

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Tennis Principles

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  1. Tennis Rules


  3. SINGLES • Match Is Played Between 2 Players

  4. DOUBLES • Match Is Played Between 4 Players

  5. SERVING • Decided by Spinning the Racquet • Winner Can Decide to Serve, Receive, or Pick a Side of the Court • Server Starts Game Serving From the Right Side of the Court • Reviver Starts From the Right Side of Court

  6. SERVING • Both Will Now Alternate From the Right to Left Until the Game Is Completed • Receiver Is Always Diagonal From Server • Server Score Is Always Said First


  8. SERVING • Change Sides of the Court When the Total Game Adds to an ODD Number (1,3 5..) • Remember You Do Not Have to Hit a Bad Toss on a Serve

  9. Doubles Serving • Team A Decides to Serve • A1 Serves Entire Game • After Switching Sides, B1 Serves • A2 Serves, Switch Sides and B2 Serves • Now Back to A1

  10. Doubles Serve Receive • Establish Which Side of Court (Right or Left) to Receive Service • Maintain This Relationship the Entire SET • Can Switch After Each Set


  12. LET • A Served Ball Strikes the Top of the Net and Falls INTO the Proper Service Area - Result = Re-do the Service Attempt • Court Hinder

  13. FAULT • A Served Ball Lands Outside of the Service Zone • 2 Faults Per Service Point

  14. Traditional Scoring

  15. No-Add Scoring


  17. Point • Won When the Opponent Hits Into the Net, Outside Boundary Lines, or Does Not Hit Ball Before Bouncing Twice

  18. GAME • May Last From 4 Points to an Indefinite Number of Points

  19. SET • Won When One Player Has Won at Least 6 Games and Is Leading by at Least 2 Games

  20. MATCH • Won When a Player Wins: • 2 Out of 3 Sets • 3 Out of 5 Sets

  21. TOURNAMENT • Involves Teams or Individuals Competing Against Other

  22. TIE-BREAKERS • Introduced So That a 6-6 Set Could End Quickly • 12 Point Tie-breaker • Player or Team That Wins 7 Points (Ahead by at Least 2) Wins the Game and Set

  23. TIE-BREAKERS 2 • Player Who’s Turn It Is to Serve Starts the Tie-break From the Right Service Court • Opponent Serves Points 2 and 3 From the Left and Right Courts, Respectively

  24. TIE-BREAKERS 3 • Serve Then Alternates Until the Tie Break Is Completed • Players Change Ends After Every 6 Points Are Won • Player or Team Who Served First in the Tie-break Receives the Serve in the First Game of the Next Set

  25. Tie-Breaker Summarized Player A Player B 1-r 2-l 3-r 4-l 5-r 6-l Change Ends 7-r 8-l...

  26. UNWRITTEN RULES • Played on the Honor System • Take Practice Serves Prior to Starting the Match • Keep Your Own Score and Say Prior to Each Point • Responsible for Calling Shots on Your Side of the Court

  27. UNWRITTEN RULES 2 • If You Are in Doubt Whether a Shot Was in.. Call It Good • Play in Shots. Immediately Call “Out” Prior to Hitting the Shot • Hold Racket up in Air to Pause Play (Ball Into Court)

  28. UNWRITTEN RULES 3 • Do Not Walk Behind Courts When a Point Is Being Played • Server Should Always Start With 2 Tennis Balls • Be a Good Sport !!!

  29. Weather Information • If In Doubt, Please Enter AHC and Look For Tennis Sign • Dress Accordingly!!! • Courts Dry + Above 45 => OUTSIDE

  30. More Information • Please Visit My Website • • Highlight the “Courses” Tab • Go To the PHE 120 Class

  31. Remember – For Next Class • Tennis Racket • 2 NEW Can of Tennis Balls • Appropriate Attire