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List of chapters Overview of Armed force Families V PowerPoint Presentation
List of chapters Overview of Armed force Families V

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List of chapters Overview of Armed force Families V

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  1. Table of ContentsSurvey of Army Families V Introduction Section 1: Your Housing and Family Relocation Section 2: Family Separations and Deployments Section 3: Your Soldier Spouse’s Most Recent Deployment Section 4: Post Deployment Section 5: The Army and You Section 6: Your Background Section 7: Your Children Section 8: Your Paid and Volunteer Work Section 9: Your Army Spouse’s Background Section 10: Health Care Section 11: Army Services Section 12: MWR Recreation Programs Section 13: Other MWR Programs and Installation Services Section 14: The Army Way of Life

  2. Sample Description and MethodologySurvey of Army Families V • Stratified samples of civilian/nonmilitary spouses of Active Component Soldiers were selected using official Army personnel files. • Three subsamples were defined based on the deployment status of the Soldier spouse during the last 36 months, that is, the Soldier spouse: • is currently deployed (D) • has deployed and returned (DR) • has not deployed (ND) • Each subsample received a different survey with some items tailored to the Soldier spouse’s deployment status. • SAF V was conducted from August 2004 through January 2005. • 25,661 responses were received; 43% response rate. • 24,793 usable responses are included in the final database (8,988 spouses of officers and 15,805 spouses of enlisted personnel).

  3. Methodology and Reporting FormatSurvey of Army Families V • 7. Results weighted to total population of 218,536 spouses of Active Component Soldiers (48,393 officers and 170,143 enlisted). This includes: • 38,132 spouses of currently deployed Soldiers • 40,852 spouses of Soldiers who have deployed and returned • 139,551 spouses of Soldiers who have not deployed • The following text and graphic slides present weighted population percentages for spouses. • The text slides specify the SAF V subsample and, when trend data is available, compare the SAF V data with the total sample data from SAFs of previous years. • The text slides also indicate when there are significant differences between the 1991/2 SAF II (Desert Storm/Desert Shield) and the 2004/5 (OIF/OEF) responses. • The graphic slides present the sampling error along with the subsample (D, DR, ND) for which data are presented.

  4. Sampling Errors for Total SampleSurvey of Army Families V • Add sampling errors (SE) to determine if differences in percentage results are statistically significant. • SE for total spouses +/- 1%. • Raw unweighted sample sizes and sampling errors: