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OFFICER Pioneer Armed force Attendant PowerPoint Presentation
OFFICER Pioneer Armed force Attendant

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OFFICER Pioneer Armed force Attendant

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  1. Make a Difference. Become an… ARMY NURSE Texas Tech Army ROTC Program The Texas Tech Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) offers scholarships to nursing students which pay 100% tuition, $900 for books, and most required fees, plus a monthly stipend ($300 per month for Freshman, $350 for Sophomores, $450 for Juniors, & $500 for Seniors). This scholarship also provides reimbursement for required nursing uniforms, equipment, and testing fees. If desired, ROTC scholarship tuition & fee benefits may be applied to room & board costs instead. Army ROTC offers students much more than just financial incentives. Army ROTC gives students the opportunity to learn the leadership and management skills that most civilian health care employers are seeking in new employees. Army ROTC is widely recognized by the TTUHSC School of Nursing as a solid leadership credential for admissions consideration. In fact, our cadets are also eligible for the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), where you may concurrently serve in the 4005th US Army Hospital reserve unit right here in Lubbock. This provides additional drill pay, reserve benefits, another admissions credential, and also qualifies you for non-deployability status while in college. Army ROTC provides cadets with the opportunity to attend the Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) – a 3-week paid internship at one of the military’s premier hospitals throughout the world (Germany, Hawaii, Washington D.C. , etc.). This internship gives nursing students hands-on experience and the TTUHSC School of Nursing grants credit for 90 clinical hrs upon completion. Army ROTC offers students the opportunity to earn a commission in the US Army Nurse Corps. The Army Nurse Corps is the only body of professional nurses that requires a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as entry level criteria. This enables the Army Nurse Corps to maintain its reputation as a trendsetter and to maintain it’s high standards for patient care and professional development of its staff. TRADITIONAL 4-YEAR ROTC PROGRAM FallSpring Freshman MILS 1101 & 1102 (each 1 credit hour) Sophomore MILS 2201 & 2202 (each 2 credit hours) Junior MILS 3301 & 3302 (each 3 credit hours) Junior Summer – Leader Development and Assessment Course Senior MILS 4301 & 4302 (each 3 credit hours) Texas Tech Army ROTC website: (see nursing) US Army Nurse Corps website: ROTC Nursing Cadet website: NEW! • How to Enroll: • Simply register for • MILS 1101 • Only one credit hour • (Mon. or Wed. classes) • Includes no-credit lab (Thurs.) • First year no obligation! • Add MILS 2201 for AAO if desired SPECIAL ALTERNATE ALIGNMENT OPTION (AAO) Freshman Compress both MILS 1101/2201 & 1102/2202 (total of 3 credit hours each Fall & Spring sem.) Sophomore MILS 3301 & 3302 (each 3 credit hours) Junior Summer – Leader Development and Assessment Course JuniorNo ROTC classes during Nursing Clinicals Senior MILS 4301 & 4302 (each 3 credit hrs) A better fit with the demands of Jr. Year Nursing Clinicals!! For more info, contact MAJ David Payne (806) 742-2141 or email Or visit us at 3rd Floor, Business Admin. Bldg. OFFICER LEADER ARMY NURSE 10/05