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Understanding The Taliban

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Understanding The Taliban

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  1. Understanding The Taliban Caitlyn P October, 2001

  2. Here’s An Analogy That Could Help Us Understand The Taliban Taliban:Islam::___:Christianity

  3. The KKK • The Taliban and the KKK are the same because: • They are intolerant to anybody or anything that is different than them. • They distort the main rules of their religion. • They hate others within their religion.

  4. The Taliban Give Women NO Rights • Women can’t work or go to school. • Women have to be covered head to foot, only their eyes can show. • Women aren’t allowed outside without a male relative. • Women have to do whatever men say. • Rape is common.

  5. Don’t You Feel Lucky? • Here is a comparison between American Women and Afghan Women: • On the left is Katie Harmon, Miss America, wearing the swimsuit she chose for the competition. On the right is a typical Afghan girl, wearing the heavy smothering burqua as required by the oppressive Taliban regime. • Miss America would have been stoned to death if caught in even jeans and a T-shirt in Afghanistan.

  6. Why Are Women So Oppressed • Islam teaches that women should be covered. up, but Taliban take it to the extreme. • Taliban is run by men. • Very old ideas. • Women don’t do anything to fight back, since they will be killed.

  7. How the Taliban Came to Power • Russian’s fought “rebels” (the beginnings of the Taliban) in the 1980’s, but lost. • Taliban rule Afghanistan. • Taliban occupy 85% of Afghanistan, all but its northeastern corner. • Not official government of Afghanistan.

  8. Map of Afghanistan

  9. The Taliban Take Over • Had people join because Taliban told them that America was at fault for all of their problems, since they live bad lives. • People are uneducated and didn’t know any better. • Used guerilla warfare to beat Russians. • Saudi Arabia helped bring Taliban in, since they didn’t like Russia. • America did nothing.

  10. Leader of the Taliban: Osama bin Laden • From extremely wealthy Saudi Arabian family. • Hates America. • Formed camps all over the world to train terrorists. • Group is called Al Queda. • Taliban is main section of Al Queda.

  11. Why Does He Hate Us So Much??? • They don’t like how liberal we are. • Our government is not run on a religion. • He feels that we support Israel, not Palestinians. • Taliban despise the rights we give women. • They are jealous because we are such a rich, powerful country. • We don’t like their way of thinking. • Does not feel that non-Muslims should occupy Muslim Holy Land (Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia).

  12. Advisors • Bin Laden has as many as 50 close advisors. • There is an Egyptian doctor who is largely responsible for planning attacks. Egyptian Doctor

  13. The Taliban’s Way of Thinking • Feel that all of their actions are justified by Islam. • MARTYERS • They believe that if they die for their religion, they’ll become “saints” and be regarded as heroes.

  14. U.S. Embassy Bombing in Kenya and Tanzania • Kills nearly 300. • 1998. • In Africa. • Many Muslims occupy Africa. • Africa houses many Al Qaida camps. • Taliban are in some areas.

  15. U.S.S. Cole Bombing • October 12, 2000. • Yemen (heavily Muslim country; in mid-east). • While refueling. • Terrorists came up to the ship in an inflatable raft, and blew it up. • Left a gaping hole in the side of the USS Cole.

  16. Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon • September 11, 2001. • Planes flew into middle of towers. • Collapsed. • Death toll estimated at 4,000. • Side of Pentagon caught on fire. • Another plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, supposedly headed towards D.C.

  17. GULF WAR We won, and knew where Sadam Hussein was, but we didn’t capture him We didn’t patch up our relationships with Iraq and Iran AFGHANISTAN We let Taliban take over Afghanistan since, at the time, we had bad relations with Russia We didn’t keep a good eye on Taliban movements We didn’t take some of their threats seriously Mistakes of Past Conflicts in the Mid-East

  18. Proclaim a Holy War Against America • Since the attacks occurred, America has retaliated using bombs, and now, the Taliban are calling our actions hatred toward Islam. • They are saying this because they want the rest of the Muslim world to terrorize America • Taliban are weak, and without help from the other 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, they would surely lose a war.