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Business Developer Preparing

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Business Developer Preparing

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  1. Life Force INTERNATIONAL Business Builder Training Welcome!

  2. Purpose • Equip Business Builders for Growth in 4 Ways: • Learn how to start your business right. • Success principles to keep your business growing. • Recognize advancements and achievements. • Build a local team with a common vision.

  3. My Business Story

  4. Introduction to the Profession • Key Benefits of Network Marketing • No Boss • Unlimited Income Potential • Work with People You Like • Flexibility • No Commuting • No Conventional Business Overheard • Security! No Downsizing.

  5. Key Benefits of Network Marketing (cont) • Tax Deductions • Better Retirement Plans (SEP IRA’s) • Low Start-up Cost = Low Risk • No Glass Ceiling • No Discrimination • No Experience Required • No Special Education or Background Required

  6. Key Benefits of Network Marketing (cont) • No Administration Hassles • No Employees • Keep Your Day Job (for now) • Create More Free Time • Spend More Time with Your Family • Travel the World • Donate Time and Money to a Worthy Cause • Impact Thousands of Lives for the Better

  7. #1 Benefit of Network Marketing? Residual Income! L residu(um) what is left over —Synonyms 1. continuing, lasting, enduring, lingering.

  8. How is a Network Marketing Company Different than a Traditional Company? Network Marketing Company Traditional Company Large Office Building SAME

  9. How is a Network Marketing Company Different than a Traditional Company? Network Marketing Company Traditional Company Presidents, VP’s, Middle Management, and Staff SAME

  10. How is a Network Marketing Company Different than a Traditional Company? Network Marketing Company Traditional Company Who get’s the $10 Million Dollar Advertising Budget? A network marketing company pays people like you and me to market their products, instead of paying celebrities.

  11. How Does It Work? • You are an independent contractor representing the Life Force products and business opportunity. • You have no territory restrictions (within the countries where LF does business) • There are no limits on the number of people you can involve. Therefore, your income potential is theoretically unlimited.

  12. How Does it Work? (cont) • Your basic job is to show this to people in an excited manner. They either: 1. Become a member • Big business option • Small business option 2. Become a customer 3. Request more information 4. Say no (which often means “not yet”)

  13. How Does it Work? (cont) You make 3 types of income from your customers and members: 1. Linear 2. Leveraged 3. Residual

  14. Business is BOOMING • $100 Billion in Worldwide Sales • $30 Billion in US Sales • 20% of US Sales are in the Wellness Industry • 14 million US participants • 87% are part-time • 12% are full-time (30+ hours per week) • 1.7million people

  15. Business is BOOMING (cont) • Independent study of Network Marketing: • The average part-time distributor works 34 hours per month, earns an average of $418/month, or $12/hour. • The average mid-level distributor works 76 hours per month, earns an average of $2523/month, or $33/hour. • The average full-time distributor who works 169 hours per month, earns an average of $12,217/month, or $72/hour

  16. Business is BOOMING (cont) • FTC Study of 2500 people at random: • 19 people (less than 1%) said they got involved in a NM business that was NOT a pyramid. • 7 of the 19 said they were promised a specific income level. 5 of those 7 actually hit the level they were promised. • 7 of the 19 said they were promised assistance, 6 of the 7 said they got it. • 2 out of 2500 people said they had not made as much money as they had been led to believe.  

  17. Wellness is Booming: • Baby boomers are aging (hitting 60). For 18 years (between 1946 - 1964) an average of 50,000 babies were born each day worldwide. • A shift in mind-set from prescribed medicines to natural approaches to achieve good health  • Sales growth from $200 Billion to $1 Trillion in worldwide sales by 2010

  18. Network Marketing is getting major endorsements from highly regarded business experts, economists, investors, and politicians. • Donald Trump • Robert Kiyosaki • Warren Buffet • David Bach • George Bush • Bill Clinton • Success Magazine • Paul Zane Pilzer • Zig Ziglar • Oren Hatch • Tom Peters • Stephen Covey • Fortune Magazine • Tony Blair

  19. The benefits of choosingLife Force: • You get stability & staying power • You get financial strength • You get a proven management team • You get a proven product • You get a high payout compensation plan • You get professional support • You get a proven business system

  20. 10 Core Commitments • Get Started Right • Consistent Daily Action – 2 exposures per day (part-time) • Follow-up • Attend Conference Calls and Local Events • Attend International Convention • Build Your Core Team • Recognize Advancements • Continuous Learning • Write a Vision • Be Here In One Year

  21. 5 Minute BREAK!

  22. The Life Force System • A series of events provided by the company and the leaders. • A structure to grow your business. • An event is when two or more people are discussing Life Force. • All the events of the year culminate annually at the International Convention.

  23. Examples of Events: • Invitations • Appointments • Follow-up calls • 3-way calls • Conference calls • In-home meetings • Hotel events • Regional Events • Training Seminars (Silver, Platinum, etc)

  24. How to use the system: • You commit to the events in the system yourself and lead by example. • You teach your new members to do the same thing. • You create a culture in your organization that leaders attend everything.

  25. It’s a STORY business! “I don’t know about that, but what I do know is…..” stories (yours and others). Learn to tell your story! Expose your customers and members to your upline’s stories (use 3-way calling). Come from your heart No health or income claims Keep it short Don’t sell it

  26. New Business Stories

  27. Recognition

  28. Local Team