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Meet the Plants

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Meet the Plants

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  1. Meet the Plants Identifying and defining plants By Mrs. Killian

  2. What do plants need to grow? • Air • Water – not too much!! • Light • Soil

  3. What are the parts of a plant? • Flower This part makes seeds. • Stem This part carries food and water through the plant. • Leaf This part makes food for the plant. • Root This part carries water from the soil to the plant.

  4. Kinds of plants • Edible You can eat it – fruit and vegetables *lettuce * carrots • Non-edible Don’t eat these *poison ivy

  5. More kinds of plants • Flowering Plants that have flowers to attract insects. Non-Flowering Plants that don’t have flowers-only leaves. *ivy *ferns Conifers Plants that grow cones and do not lose their leaves. Decidious Plants that lose their leaves each fall.

  6. Plants are used in many ways. • Lumber comes from trees. • Paper comes from trees. • Gum comes from tree sap. • Medicines come from many plants • Cloth comes from cotton plants.