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Account Lookup

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Account Lookup

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  1. Investor Account Lookup Online Trading Client Access

  2. Account Overview Gives clients an overview of their portfolio/household Rep Information Clients rep contact information Firm News Firm controlled messages to specific clients or client groups Graphs Graphical overview of account Indices Overview of Market Indices

  3. Choose from the menu of actions Buy Stock Trading Simple trade form with customized business rules 100 IBM Choose from the menu of Order Types Choose from the menu of Time In Force Options

  4. Trade Overview Gives clients an overview of the trade In addition, give clients a choice of execution notification

  5. Options Trading Buy/sell options Buy To Ope Choose from the menu of actions 50 IBM Choose from the menu of Order Types Choose from the menu of Time In Force Options

  6. Complex Options Trading Buy/sell complex options with simple strategy explanation along side to assist

  7. Complex Options Trading After selecting strategy choose options

  8. Complex Options Trading Order execution confirm

  9. Buy Choose from the menu of actions Mutual Funds Buy/Sell/Exchange Funds 10 IBM

  10. Balances & Positions Detailed overview of all balances & holdings Print/Refresh Page/Download to Excel Click on any security from any area within Investor and a pop-up allows you to trade or get quotes, charts, news, company profile

  11. Order Status Detailed overview of the status of all transactions within clients account Quickly modify or cancel Open Orders

  12. Account Activity Detailed overview of all transactions within clients account.

  13. Portfolio Tracker Detailed overview of client portfolio

  14. Portfolio Tax Lot Summary Client can view realized and unrealized gains and losses

  15. Projected Cashflow Automatically calculate future cashflow based on holdings in your portfolio

  16. Quotes Unlimited delayed or real-time quotes

  17. Historical Quotes Unlimited detailed historical quotes

  18. Detailed Quote Detailed quote and graph of any equity

  19. Last 30 Trades Detailed listing of clients last 30 trades

  20. Company News News listings on any company

  21. My Records Allows clients to view account information.

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