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the great wall of china l.
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The Incomparable Mass of China PowerPoint Presentation
The Incomparable Mass of China

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The Incomparable Mass of China

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  1. TheGreatWallofChina By: Hiro Hagiwara Illustrated by: Hiro Hagiwara

  2. This is a picture taken from the Badaling section of the Great Wall.

  3. A map of the Great Wall

  4. Why the Great wall was built • The Great wall was built because the Xiongnu people were going to invade Han’s territory. They decided to make a great wall to keep the Xiongnu’s away from them.

  5. How do you build the Great wall? • Qin Shi Huang got 500,000 well-known people to build part of the great wall. • In 555 A.D. the Northern Qin Dynasty emperor got 1,800,000 people to build a little more of the wall. • In year 607 more then a million people were ordered to build the rest of the great wall in the Sui Dynasty • People started constructing the Great wall in 700 B.C.

  6. How long is the great wall? • The great wall is over 6,000 kilometers. • It took 200 years to complete the Great wall of China. • The Great wall of china is so large that it is visible from the moon.

  7. Is there just 1 wall in china? There are millions and millions of walls in china.

  8. Conclusion Thank you for listening to Hiro talk about the Great wall of china