New Elements to SBC Yippee! DSL An Unmatched Online Affair A More Beneficial Working environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

new features to sbc yahoo dsl an unmatched online experience a more productive workplace l.
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New Elements to SBC Yippee! DSL An Unmatched Online Affair A More Beneficial Working environment PowerPoint Presentation
New Elements to SBC Yippee! DSL An Unmatched Online Affair A More Beneficial Working environment

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New Elements to SBC Yippee! DSL An Unmatched Online Affair A More Beneficial Working environment

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  1. New Features to SBC Yahoo! DSL An Unmatched Online Experience A More Productive Workplace

  2. SBC Nation’s leading provider of DSL Six consecutive quarters of accelerated DSL growth 2.8 million DSL subscribers 1.2 million Dial subscribers Nationwide Dial coverage Yahoo! #1 Global Internet Destination, ahead of AOL and MSN 236 million unique monthly users 116 million active registered members 3.5 million uniquepaying relationships as of Q2’03 Deep access relationships in world’s three largest broadband regions Welcome to SBC Yahoo! DSL

  3. SBC Yahoo! Milestones SBC Yahoo! Enhancements and Small Business Launch SBC Yahoo! DSL Launch • Continuous upgrades: • LAUNCHcast Plus Internet radio • SBC Yahoo! Mail features and SpamGuard SBC Yahoo! Dial Launch Small Business Plan Announced Alliance Announced Nov 2001 Apr 2002 Jun 2002 Sept 2002 Sept 2003

  4. What We’re All About • Delivering continuous innovation • Creating more compelling online experience • Providing customer-driven enhancements • Providing first-of-kind business features • Offering unmatched level of content, affordability, choice

  5. New Features & Enhancements • Stronger Security • More Engaging & Personalized • Improved Communications & Sharing • More Premium Services

  6. Enhanced Safety and Security • Anti-Virus Protection for the Whole PC • Comprehensive virus definition continuously updates • Protects PC online and offline, not just email • Customizable Pop Up Ad Blocking • Alerts customer ad was blocked, enables customer to override blocking • Enhanced Parental Controls • More control levels • Prohibit specific Web browsing, email, messenger and chat use • Set-up online timer for controlled usage • Children’s permission slips for extended access • Manage controls from any Web-connected PC • Review detailed history reports on all users

  7. New Levels of Personalization • More Personalized SBC Yahoo! Browser • Enhanced My Yahoo! Start Page • Complete personalization of content pages • Business portal for small business members • Personalization Tool • DSL and Dial Adaptive Interface

  8. Personalized Content New Previous User now has the ability to customize the entire page

  9. Improved Communications Tools • Drag and Drop Tools • Conveniently upload photos and files online • Send URLs and photos to SBC Yahoo! or Yahoo! Messenger friends • Shared Browsing • Jointly view the same web page from different locations • Expanded 3-Section Sidebar • Quick access to Mail, Address Book, Instant Messenger, Briefcase

  10. What’s Changed New Previous Sidebar goes from two to three panes with more features and can be placed on the left or right side of the browser

  11. Premium Small Business Features • Customized Portal for Business Content • Multiple Content Pages • Ability to toggle between home and business pages • Premium Business Content • Industry trade journals, periodicals • Email Marketing Tools

  12. Core Services Mail Plus Master + 10 sub accounts Parental Controls Pop-up Ad Blocker 110 MB Extra Storage LAUNCHcast plus 3 Classified Ads and 3 Listings 3 Consumer Reports Choice of 2 Premium Services Anti-virus software Encyclopedia Brittanica Bill Pay 5 monthly Finance Reports All-Star Games Additional 150MB Online Storage Additional 500MB Online Storage Got Marketing! Business Publications Equivalent Retail Value Up to ~$50/mo Recurring Up to ~$100 One Time Additional benefits not available in experience Custom Client Environment Broadband Optimized Home Page Business Features Delivering Outstanding Value

  13. SBC Yahoo! DSL • Service as low as $29.95/mo. • One of the industry’s largest and most reliable networks • Broadband content designed exclusively for SBC Yahoo! DSL members • Industry leading parental controls, SpamGuard email filtering, ad blocking • Services to match your needs & budget

  14. Questions/Answers What else would you like to know? For more information visit: or call 1-866-SBC-Yahoo