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What is a Sentence ? PowerPoint Presentation
What is a Sentence ?

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What is a Sentence ?

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  1. What is a Sentence?

  2. What is a sentence? • A sentence is a group of words that tells a complete thought. • It tells whom or what the sentence is about and what happens. • Whom or what the sentence is about is called the naming part. • What happens is called the action part.

  3. Sentence Rule #1 • A sentence begins with a capital letter. Mona leaned further into the bin. Soon only her feet were visible. A moment later she was gone.

  4. Sentence Rule #2 • A sentence ends with a period (.), questionmark (?), or exclamationpoint (!). “The Hat Room!” cried the boys. But Mona shook her head in dismay. “There’s too many! I’ll never find my hat in here. They decided to look anyway. “Is it this one?” asked Wendell.

  5. Sentence Rule #3 • A fragment is a group of words that is not a complete sentence. • Sentence fragments confuse readers because they are unclear. fall into the box once more. She looks. In the lost and found box.

  6. Now it’s your turn... • Read each question. • Think about the choices and try each one. • Make your choice. • Click the green answer button when you’re ready to see the correct answer. • Click the red click to move to the next question. Click

  7. Number 1 • Which word makes this word group a complete sentence?The bird _________. b. sings a. squirrelb. sings c. treed. wing Answer Click

  8. Number 2 • Which naming part correctly begins the sentence?_________ play ball. d. The children a. A duckb. Cars c. The fishd. The children Answer Click

  9. Number 3 • Which action part correctly ends the sentence?The dog ________. a. digs a hole a. digs a hole. b. reads a book.c. sings a song.d. drives the car. Answer Click

  10. Number 4 • Which word group is a complete sentence? b. Monkeys live here. a. Jungle plants.b. Monkeys live here. c. Warm weather.d. Rains often. Answer Click

  11. Number 5 • Choose the sentence that is written correctly. a. Kate is sick. a. Kate is sick. b. the class made a card.c. We signed our namesd. our teacher mailed the card Answer Click

  12. Number 6 c. Where does a kangaroo carry its baby? • Choose the question that is written correctly. a. Can kangaroos jump far.b. do kangaroos have strong back legsc. Where does a kangaroo carry its baby? d. how fast can kangaroos move? Answer Click

  13. Number 7 • Choose the correct telling sentence. b. Oranges grow on trees. a. Where do oranges grow?b. Oranges grow on trees. c. Do oranges need much sun?d. Did these oranges come from Florida? Answer Click

  14. Number 8 • Choose the correct question. d. Can your parrot talk? a. Ken has a pet parrot.b. Some parrots talk.c. That parrot has bright feathers. d. Can your parrot talk? Answer Click

  15. Number 9 • Choose the command that is written correctly. a. Read these rules. a. Read these rules. b. Obey the lifeguardc. do not rund. stay in shallow water. Answer Click

  16. Number 10 • Choose the exclamation that is written correctly. d. Don’t be afraid! a. Look at those cloudsb. a storm is coming!c. Close the windows?d. Don't be afraid! Answer Click

  17. How did you do? • 10/10 ~ Excellent Job! • 9/10 ~ Keep up the Good Work! • 8/10 ~ Keep Practicing! • 7/10 ~ Try Again! • 6/10 ~ See the Teacher!