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Mansa Musa

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Mansa Musa

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  1. Mansa Musa

  2. Mansa Musa • Mansa Musa was the greatest king in Mali’s history. • He was the grandson or the grandnephew of Sundiata. • Mansa Musa put Mali on the map.

  3. Islam • Mansa Musa was a strict follower of Islam. • Followers of Islam should make a hajj, or religious journey, to Mecca. • Mecca is the holy city for the followers of Islam.

  4. From Mali to Mecca

  5. Mansa Musa’ Hajj to Mecca • Mansa Musa went through Egypt. • He gave away so much gold, he ruined the economy of Egypt for ten years!

  6. Mecca • This is the mosque Mansa Musa visited. • People still go to Mecca today.

  7. Mansa Musa brought scholars back with him from Mecca. These were men who became teachers. Mansa Musa brought a famous Spanish architect back also. An architect designs buildings. The Return Home

  8. Timbuktu- center of worship • Mansa Musa built a beautiful mosque in Timbuktu. • Many people worshipped there. • The mosque was made of mud.

  9. Timbuktu- center of learning • Mansa Musa built three universities in Timbuktu. • There were many ancient Grecian and Roman books in the libraries.

  10. Mansa Musa • Was related to Sundiata • Built mosques • Built universities • Made Timbuktu a center of learning and worship • Made a hajj to Mecca • Destroyed the economy of Egypt

  11. The Most Important Thing Mansa Musa Did Was…. • Put Mali on the map. • That means he let the rest of the world know that Mali was a great and wealthy empire.