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European American family

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European American family

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  1. European American family

  2. Challenges • Reawakening Catholic Identity in Tradition without resorting to nostalgia • Catholic Social Teaching • Communal Sense • Being a Eucharistic People

  3. Challenges • Passing on our Faith to our Youth • Youth don’t feel at home • They need to feel their own Catholic Identity • We need faith formation and education for ourselves and for our youth

  4. Challenges • Secularized, individualistic culture / modernity • Breakdown of the family structure • Loss of Catholic Communal Culture

  5. Challenges • Polarization • Damages the credibility of the Church • Dialogue difficult

  6. Challenges • An Intercultural not a Multicultural Approach • Comfort in interaction across cultural lines

  7. Opportunities • Building a common Catholic idenity • Through locating God in shared faith • Shared struggles • Shared histories • ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IN HUMBLING TIMES OF SCANDAL

  8. Opportunities • Young people • As hope and enthusiasm • A gift to us

  9. Opportunities • Education: • Intercultural communication skills • Education for parish leaders and for families

  10. Opportunities • Experiencing the Church Universal

  11. European American Family • Replicate model of intercultural dialogue • Convocation manual needs to be broken down to be useful on the parish/diocesan/regional/national/international levels • Gather Young Adults/Youth in a conference replicating this model • Create witnessing opportunities using this conference as a model • Modeling intercultural diversity in other worship and conferences • Allow for the different cultural families to separate out and have their own tracks to be most effective in planning • Resource beginning on the Parish Level for facilitating the collection of family faith stories (particularly with youth) • Continue this process to the diocesan, national, and international level to develop a Family History Faith Story • Catholic Genealogy/Faith Story network online (Facebook?) • Hospitality encounter/welcoming to multicultural families • Beyond coffee & donuts • Continuing mutual giving through sharing of stories

  12. European American Family • Align resources with our priorities • Using what already exists rather than creating something new • Form strategic partnerships with National Organizations and Universities to advance the mission of the USCCB • Identifying skill set and training of people working in the vineyard • Who is called to Leadership? • Catechesis & Evangelization • Formation programs for both youth and adults • People catechizing the youth are not catechized themselves • Raise up devotions (i.e. Marian) that have a cross cultural appeal to be celebrated in family settings • Theological Reflection to the Conference • Academic response • Already in process