Day II Training Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment REA 2010 Program Overview, Design, Customer Flow, Data Entry Re - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Day II Training Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment REA 2010 Program Overview, Design, Customer Flow, Data Entry Re PowerPoint Presentation
Day II Training Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment REA 2010 Program Overview, Design, Customer Flow, Data Entry Re

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Day II Training Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment REA 2010 Program Overview, Design, Customer Flow, Data Entry Re

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  1. Day II TrainingReemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA 2010)Program Overview, Design, Customer Flow, Data Entry Requirements, REA Forms and Case Study Training Dates: Utica – July 14, 2010 Metrotech/Brooklyn – July 16, 2010 Rochester – July 21, 2010 Peekskill – July 23, 2010

  2. READay II TrainingAGENDA • REA Grant Background • REA Program Design Overview • REA Customer Flow and Data Entry • REA Required Elements • REA Specific Forms • REA Case Study (From Soup to Nuts)

  3. REA Grant Background • USDOL REA Grant started in FY 2005 • NYS one of initial states funded in FY 2005 • From FY 2005 thru FY 2008 NYS REA Grant was limited to one local area: Oneida/Herkimer/Madison (OHM)

  4. REA Grant Background • FY 2009 REA Grant: • Awarded 74 REA local staff • 15 LWIAs in 22 One Stops • FY 2010 REA Grant: • Awarded 115 REA local staff • 23 LWIAs in 42 One Stops • Includes 52 new hourly hires

  5. REA Grant Background

  6. Statewide REA Program Overview • REA Participants continue until exhaust Regular UI benefits and/or BYE ends • Individual should only be scheduled for one Initial REA Interview during a Benefit Year. If they have a break in claim and begin actively certifying again later, schedule them for a Follow-up REA. • REA performance measured after regular UI does not include EUC or EB benefits • NYS UI Certification at Exit Performance incentive/sanction does include EUC and EB benefits. LWIA will need to continue serving them or impact that measure – however, no longer required to participate in REA specific program activities after exhaustion of regular UI benefits.

  7. REA Required Elements Each REA Interview Includes the Following Federally Required Elements: • Review of Continued UI Eligibility and Referral of Potential UI issues to Adjudication • Provision of Labor Market Information • Work Search Plan Development and/or Review of work search efforts against plan • Referrals

  8. REA Required Elements NYS REA Program Design expands on federal required elements to coordinate with other DEWs priorities/policies, including: • Incorporates NYS Initial Assessment policy as component of Initial REA Appointment • Includes SMART 2010 as requirement for all REA participants

  9. REA Required Elements • Includes use of Job Zone “Journal” feature as method of maintaining and monitoring work search efforts • Broadens Work Search Plan and Work Search Review to go beyond just contacts to Employers: also includes plan and review of next step service recommendations • Includes recommendation that all REA participants be scheduled for Job Search Workshop (at or around time of 2nd REA)

  10. Let’s Review the REA Project Design Flow Chart in Your Training material packet

  11. REA Project Design Initial Assessment • Initial Interview – Assume 1 hour average • After Initial REA Interview: • Regularly schedule REA Grant Only: Follow-up REA Interview • Minimally every 2 weeks for at least 2nd and 3rd REA Interview • Following 3rd REA Interview, frequency can be modified to once a month based on staff’s judgment by individual • Following 4th REA, REA interview format can be changed to group activity rather than one on one based on staff’s judgment by individual

  12. REA Project Design Those that Fail to Report (FTR ) to a REA Initial Interview appointment should be rescheduled thru REOS for a REA Grant Only: Rescheduled Initial Interview Appointment. REA program participants are subject to same FTR policy as all UI claimants – 1st FTR is rescheduled, and 2nd/subsequent FTR puts hold on benefits

  13. REA Project Design Review of completed REA UI Eligibility Questionnaire Designed to elicit responses that may highlight potential issues with the customer’s continued eligibility for UI benefits.

  14. REA Project Design Completion of REA Work Search Agreement A formal Work Search Agreement is completed and signed by the customer and the REA staff member at the initial REA interview. A signed copy should be given to the Customer.

  15. REA Project Design Completion of Next Step Service Plan - First Appointment and Follow-up Outlines any issues identified during the interview Summarizes specific action steps/referrals to service to be taken based on the assessment interview. Initial Assessment determination: JSRS or CDS

  16. REA Project Design Initiate SMART 2010-refer to Resume workshop, if needed. Review Work Search Record Initiate Job Zone Registration-Explain use of JZ for Work Search Record Referral to Services Needed Job Referrals

  17. REA Project Design 2nd Assessment Review of completed REA UI Eligibility Questionnaire Review Work search Record (JZ) Journal against Work search Agreement and Next Step Service Plan. Update Work search Agreement as needed including completion of Next Step Service Plan - Follow up REA

  18. REA Project Design 2nd Assessment Cont’d Job Referrals and Referral to Services Recommend all participants attend a Job Search Workshop by completion of 2nd REA Labor Market Information Review Next Steps and Appointment Within 2 weeks for the 3rd Assessment.

  19. REA Project Design 3rd Assessment has the same contents as 2nd 4th Assessment – May determine both frequency (continue every 2 weeks or move to one month) and format (continue one on one or in a group) This process continues until the individuals returns to work or exhaust their claim.

  20. REA Specific Forms REA UI Eligibility Questionnaire • REA Work Search Agreement • REA Next Step Service Plan – First REA Appointment • REA Next Step Service Plan – REA Follow-up Appointment

  21. UI Eligibility Questionnaire Hours/Days/Shift Distance Willing to Travel/Transportation Salary Self Employment Working Without Pay In School Disability/Workers Comp

  22. UI Eligibility Questionnaire Scenario #1 Joe Jones was a fulltime forklift operator working 2nd shift at a local distribution center. He worked there 5 years before being permanently laid off due to a lack of work. At the time he was separated from employment he was making $12.50/hr. At his first meeting with you he indicates the following: He is only willing to take a first shift position. He is seeking work as a construction laborer. He is willing to travel 5 miles due to the price of gasoline. He is considering starting his own business. He is thinking about taking a course at night.

  23. UI Eligibility Questionnaire Scenario #2 Susie Smith was last employed as a cashier at a local grocery store earning $8.00/hr. She lost her job when the store closed. At your first meeting she indicates the following: She is only seeking part time work. The lowest wage she will accept is $8.50/hr. She is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. She cannot work on Saturdays as she helps out in her parents store for no pay.

  24. UI Eligibility Questionnaire Scenario #3 Jimmy Mack was hurt on his job as a construction laborer. He is receiving partial workers compensation. His doctor has released him to work with restrictions. At your interview, he indicates the following: He is unsure of what type of work he can physically do. He has not been conducting a work search. He has not been in touch with his previous employer since being released to work. He has a DBA ‘Mack’s Home Improvement’. He is considering going back to school for a career change.

  25. CASE STUDY Information will be handed out – not in folder.