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Tuesday October 25, 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
Tuesday October 25, 2005

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Tuesday October 25, 2005

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  1. Service Management Organization Overview Tuesday October 25, 2005

  2. Introduction • VITA is pleased to announce the implementation of a Service Management Organization - known as an “SMO”. As communicated in our Employee Dialogue meetings, this is an important step in the continued transformation of VITA and will enable us to continue focusing on improving infrastructure service delivery. • This presentation is designed to provide you with an overview of the SMO and address questions you may have on what an SMO is and its current status as a separate distinct directorate within VITA. • SMO senior roles will be posted on October 26, 2005 and the remaining SMO roles will be posted during the week of October 31, 2005.

  3. What is a Service Management Organization? • A Service Management Organization (SMO) manages the infrastructure services delivered – regardless of whether these services are delivered in-house or by a PPEA Infrastructure Partner. • The SMO is the single point of accountability within VITA for the effective management and improvement of infrastructure services. • The SMO will draw on other VITA Directorates to support their work, for example Finance and Supply Chain Management. • Within the context of a PPEA Infrastructure partnership, the SMO will also ensure that the Infrastructure Partner provides the services they committed to and that VITA also meets its contractual obligations.

  4. Why do we need a Service Management Organization? The SMO will: • Ensure infrastructure services deliver an appropriate level of performance to VITA’s customers; • Engage customers via the existing Customer Relationship Managers in place today and support the interactions between infrastructure services and customers; • Provide visibility of how the performance of IT infrastructure services has improved and its ‘value for money’. Within the context of a PPEA Infrastructure Partnership, the SMO will also • Establish a single point of accountability for managing a PPEA infrastructure contractual agreement and local points for service delivery concerns; • Define clear accountabilities and responsibilities between VITA and the Infrastructure Partner for service delivery; • Proactively manage the realization of benefits from the partnership.

  5. SMO structural overview Service Management Organization Director TBD Sr. Commercial Manager TBD Sr. Service Delivery Manager TBD Sr. Agency Performance Manager TBD Strategy & Architecture Coordinator TBD Sr. Transition & Transformation Manager TBD To be defined Dedicated Transition & Transformation Project Managers • Service Delivery Managers • (8 FTEs) • Internal Apps • Messaging Services • Mainframe & Servers • Data, Voice, Video Network • Help Desk • Desktop Computing • Security & DR • Telecom Agency Performance Managers (6 FTE min) 1 per Secretariat) Contract Manager (1 FTE) Finance Manager (1 FTE) ITIL Process Mgmt & Quality Assurance Lead TBD To be defined Dedicated Strategy & Architecture Support To be defined Dedicated Finance & SCM Support ITIL Process Managers (~ 2-3 FTE min) Permanent full-time roles within the SMO Roles to be defined and matrixed from other Directorates to support the SMO

  6. High level summary of SMO key functions • Leadership of service management team • Oversight of service management arrangements • Escalation point for resolution of issues • Champion service management and improvements Service Management Organization Director Commercial Management Service Delivery Management Agency Performance Management Strategy & Architecture Coordination Transition & Transformation Management • Coordination with VITA’s SMS directorate and the Partner on Architecture, technology & Innovation • Ensure the integrity of IT infrastructure strategy, technology architecture and standards • Coordinate and provide technical expertise and assurance for Agencies and projects with infrastructure elements • Partner Contract Mgmt • Commercial strategy & Education • Contract policies & procedures • Contract administration & changes • New service negotiations • Partner Financial Mgmt • Invoice reconciliation • Service credit mgmt • Budgeting / Forecasting • Charge back • Labor forecasting • Financial reporting • Funding/ Request for Service • Benefits realization • Work closely with the Customer Relationship Managers and are split across the Secretariats • Service level performance mgmt & reporting • Facilitate service improvement plans • Agency project based infrastructure forecasting and capacity planning oversight • Line management of Managed Employees • Day-to-day interface with infrastructure services • Service Mgmt oversight by Technical Towers • Technical tower based forecasting & capacity planning oversight • IT escalation & facilitation of resolution of delivery issues • Implementation of SMO directorate • Mgmt of Transition to a Partner - e.g. planning, risk mgmt, logistics, internal VITA coordination of activities e.g. with, HR, CRM, Communications • Oversight, coordination & mgmt of Transformation with a Partner - e.g. service delivery improvement projects • ITIL Process development & mgmt - Business & Operational • Process quality assurance and service improvement • Internal Applications • Messaging Services • Mainframe & Servers • Data, Voice & Video Network • Help Desk • Desktop Computing • Security & Disaster Recovery • Telecommunications

  7. SMO roles to be posted on October 26

  8. Any questions? • To see individual position descriptions and details about submitting an application, please go to: http://www.vita.virginia.gov/jobs/jobs.cfm • If you have any additional questions on the Service Management Organization, please send these to: VITACOMMS@vita.virginia.gov