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  1. DID YOU KNOW? • Cuyahoga River on Fire in Cleveland, Ohio • Raw wastewater spewed in the San Francisco Bay • City of Columbia Discharged Raw Wastewater in early 1970’s • No Mechanism to Systematically Fix Problems or Prevent Problems Help!!!

  2. NPDES Permitting Making the Grade: Environmental Compliance at Colleges and Universities NPDES Permitting Program Brenda Green SCDHEC Water Facilities Permitting Division

  3. Regulation • Federal Water Pollution Control Act aka Clean Water Act (1972) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

  4. Clean Water Act The Clean Water Act prohibits anybody from discharging "pollutants" through a "point source" into "waters of the United States" unless they have an NPDES permit.

  5. Typical Regulated Point Source Discharges • Treated wastewater from POTWs, industries, private utilities • Utility Water Discharges • Stormwater

  6. NPDES: Individual or General Permit? • An Individual NPDES permit is specifically tailored for an individual facility. • A General NPDES permit is developed and issued by the State to cover multiple facilities within the State of South Carolina.

  7. Components of an NPDES Permit • Permit • Rationale • Fact Sheet • Attachments

  8. NPDES Sample Permit Sample Permit

  9. Inside a Permit • Definitions • Standard Conditions • Limitations and Monitoring Requirements • Schedule of Compliance • Other Requirements

  10. Rationale An explanation for why each parameter is or is not limited in the permit and, if limited, the basis for the limitation. • Boilerplate language • Discussion of limitations for each outfall

  11. Attachments • EXCEL spreadsheets • Background data for receiving stream • Source Water Protection Area Map

  12. NPDES General Permits • Utility water discharges • Vehicle wash water discharges** • Bulk petroleum storage activities • Nonmetal mineral mining discharges • Petroleum contaminated groundwater discharges • Hydrostatic test water discharges • Stormwater **

  13. NPDES Permit Reissuance Applications • Be On Time! - Permittee notified by DHEC 270 days prior to expiration date of permit - Second notice sent 30 days prior to due date • Be Complete! - Required 180 days prior to expiration date - Incomplete application does not satisfy reapplication requirements • Be Paid Up! - Reissuance can be denied if there are outstanding fees in any program area

  14. Common Compliance Issues • Incomplete applications • Incomplete/Incorrect DMR forms • Late submissions • Permit parameter violations • TSS • pH • BOD • Seasonal violations • Low flow during weekends/summer • Unexpected high flows during rainy season

  15. How to Comply with an NPDES Permit • Review the proposed draft permit thoroughly and determine if your facility can meet limits • Request compliance schedules for new and more stringent permit limits • Upgrade treatment facilities as needed • Make sure treatment plant is monitored daily as required by permit

  16. How to Comply with an NPDES Permit (continued) • Submit required reports to the Department in a timely manner • Know what the regulations require • Document requested changes in writing • Ask Questions!!

  17. Resources Regulation 61-9: Water Pollution Control Permits www.scdhec.net/water/regs/r61-9.doc National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/html/npdespage.html NPDES Applications and Forms www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/html/npdesapps.html NPDES Frequently Asked Questions www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/html/npdesfaqs.html Subchapter N - Effluent Guidelines and Standards www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/html/npdessubchapn.html

  18. Resources Regulation 61-67: Standards for Wastewater Facility Permitting www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/regs/r61-67.doc Regulation 61-30: Environmental Protection Fees www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/regs/r61-30.doc Wastewater Construction Permitting Program www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/html/wwconpage.html Construction Permit Application for Water/Wastewater Facilities www.scdhec.gov/eqc/water/forms/d-1970.pdf

  19. Questions?? • Write: Brenda Green • SCDHEC • Bureau of Water • 2600 Bull Street • Columbia, SC 29201 • Call: (803) 898-3375 • Email: greenba@dhec.sc.gov • Website: www.scdhec.gov/water