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The Dragon

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The Dragon

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  1. The Dragon

  2. Story written by Ray Bradbury

  3. The Dragon

  4. What a land of nightmares. This dragon- they say his eyes are fire, his breath a white gas. You can see him burn Across the dark land Everything happens here. Sheep panic and die insane. Women deliver forth monsters. At sunrise, the victims are strewn hither-thither on the hills.

  5. How many knights have gone For this monster and fail,and even as we shall fail? Enough of that!

  6. On this moor there is no time, there is only Forever. Be you afraid, then gird on your armor. And here We sit, alone in The land of The fire dragon.

  7. The wind was a thousand souls dying and all time confused and in transit. It was fog inside of a mist inside of a darkness.

  8. There…Oh, lord, in the distance.

  9. Quick! This is where it passes They seized their lances with mailed fist, and urged their horses forward.

  10. The dragon rounded a hill with a terrible wailing cry and a grinding rush it flung itself fordward.

  11. Lord Have Mercy! The lance struck the unlidded yellow eye, buckled, tossed the man through the air.

  12. As you said, a knight in armor and we hit him. Are you going to stop? Did you see it? Just like I told you! Did once. Found nothing. Don´t like to stop on this Moor. It gives me the willies.

  13. But we hit something! Gave him plenty of whistles- chap wouldn´t budge.

  14. The End