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Woods Park Academy Roanoke City Public Schools PowerPoint Presentation
Woods Park Academy Roanoke City Public Schools

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Woods Park Academy Roanoke City Public Schools

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  1. Virginia Dropout Prevention Summit Asia R. Jones Executive Director for Student Services October 28, 2008 Forest Park AcademyRoanoke City Public Schools

  2. Graduation Rates School Year 2007-08

  3. Roanoke City Public Schools - Forest Park Academy Curricular Alternative Education Pathway to Success Dual Enrollment PHHS or WFHS College VA Western President’s Academy Alternative High School Overage / Under-Credited Dropout Retrieval Alternative High School Overage Middle School HS Diploma Gibboney Hall Workplace Future Planning Center

  4. Middle School (80 Students) 2 years overage - or - 1 year overage and failing 3 core classes Forest Park Academy Student Selection Criteria High School (170 Students) • 2 years overage • or - • Significantly under-credited for grade level • or - • Current dropout who is still of age  Parent Permission Required for all students under 18  Review team evaluates all applicants to determine “fit” for the program  For high school, priority given to still-enrolled students (expect a wait list)

  5. Social Capital

  6. Forest Park AcademyStudent demographics

  7. Engage Me Yes deep knowledge, good methods, and materials in education matter a great deal; however, it appears that so much of educational reform is the search for a “one – trick pony,” a “silver bullet,” or anything that does not require us to consider the complexities of a nurturing environment.   –Asa Hilliard

  8. Responsive approach to re-engaging youth It takes a village…

  9. Mosaic approach


  11. Home and school connections

  12. “Fire in the Belly”

  13. Responsiveness…

  14. Continuous data analysis • Attendance • PLATO & grade reports • Credit recovery • Dropout retrieval • Learning plans

  15. Knowledge is Power!

  16. Flickr • www.flickr.com • Hilliard III, A. G. (2004). From Rage to Hope - Strategies for Reclaiming Black and Hispanic Students. In C. Kuykendall. Bloomington: Solution Tree. • Roanoke City Public Schools Website • www.rcps.info • Virginia Department of Education Website • www.pen.k12.va.us Works Cited