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  1. CDMA2000 [the other 3G Standard] Peter Dahl Verizon Wireless Walnut Creek, Ca. Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  2. 3G ≠ UMTS First things first…. Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  3. There is an alternative… • CDMA2000 1xRTT • 1xRTT – utilizes same spectrum as IS95 CDMA (1.25MHz) • 1xRTT – has double the voice capacity of IS95 CDMA. • 1xRTT – meets ITU criteria for a 3G standard. • 1xRTT – peak burst rate 153.6Kbps (typical 40-60Kbps). • 1xRTT – includes Mobile IPv4 as part of the specification. • Evolution Path • 1xRTTRelA – peak burst rate 307.2Mbps. • 1xEVDO – peak burst rate 2.4Mbps. • 1xEVDV – peak burst rate 2.4Mbps, and double the voice capacity. • 3xRTT – same spectrum needs as UMTS (5MHz), equivalent data throughput. Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  4. Standards and Carriers… • Standards Bodies • 3GPP2 – actually do the work. • EIA/TIA – rubber stamp and publish the docs. • CDG – specify interoperability criteria. • Carriers • US: Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS. • Asia: KDDI, SK Telecom, China Unicom. • Europe: Ukraine ? Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  5. HLR Visited AAA Home AAA cdma2000 Network Architecture PSTN BSC (cdma2000-1x) MSC/ VLR SS7 Network IOS Multi-mode BTS Voice 1x ------------ 1xEV-DO Data RNC (1xEV-DO) PDSN/ FA R-P HA IP Network Abbreviations AAA Authentications, Authorization and Accounting HA Home Agent FA Foreign Agent IOS Interoperability Standard R-P Radio Packet Interface RNC Radio Network Controller PDSN Packet Data Serving Node Home cdma2000 Network Visited cdma2000 Network Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  6. Mobile IP registration • Once a MN has requested Mobile IP service and received an Agent Advertisement message, it must perform Mobile IP registration. Registration Takes place through a two message exchange: • MN sends Registration Request Message (RRQ) to FA • FA authenticates the MN by sending an Access Request Message to the AAA upon receiving RRQ. • If AAA authenticates MN, the RRQ is passed onto the HA. • The HA responds with a Registration Reply Message (RRP). 4 3 HA 4 FA 2 1 AAA MN The RRQ and RRP comprise the Mobile IP registration process Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  7. Return data path AAAh HA PDSN WLAN and CDMA2000 – Key Enablers ? 1. “PDSN-lite” PDSN functionality for WLAN connected MNs Foreign WLAN Network 1xRTT Home Network Outgoing data path IEEE 802.11a/b/g AP 2. Mobility Client Interface and mobility management (MIPv4) Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  8. Some Goals… • Seamless roaming (no user interaction). • One pass authentication (standards necessary ?). • Robust encryption on the “local link”. • International capability (.11 is 3G agnostic). • WLAN (actually link layer) agnostic. • Single carrier can’t own a significant number of hot-spots, so roaming agreements will be required. Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

  9. …and remember 3G ≠ UMTS Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless