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The Dutch approach

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The Dutch approach

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  1. The Dutch approach Implementing the PSC in The Netherlands Marc Hameleers Brussels, Czech PermRep, 4 Feb ‘10

  2. Ministry of Economic Affairs The Netherlands: on time and complete December 16: PSC went “live” at December 24: complete implementation (legislation, screening, etc)

  3. Ministry of Economic Affairs Principles regarding the Dutch PSC existing government portal `Antwoord voor bedrijven` competent authorities remain responsible for the execution of their formalities -> PSC will not become a new competent authority “through the PSC” -> legal obligation to respond via PSC choose a design according to the Handbook -> Facilitator model to be used by Dutch businesses as well languages -> Dutch, overarching structure translated into English

  4. Ministry of Economic Affairs PSC = Antwoord voor bedrijven -> provides information on legislation, subsidies, doing business -> website plus back office/call centre (20 people involved) SD implementation = transformation -> New = completion of administrative transactions Two essential applications at the heart of the PSC All relevant information made available throught “content syndication” (= connecting websites): “Cooperating Catalogues” Secure environment for exchange of information between service provider and competent authority (requests, authorisation schemes): “Message box”

  5. e-mail / SMS notification e-mail notification Secure message box Competent Authority Service provider Message box Comp. Authority Message box Service provider “Antwoord voor bedrijven” portal = secure data traffic = messages routed outside of the message box (unsecure)

  6. Ministry of Economic Affairs Facilitation OS Toolbox (search engine, cooperating catalogues, message box) Jamboree (network, exchange) EU GO (logo, webgate) usability research (business perspective) Qualified Electronic Signatures (e procedures)

  7. Ministry of Economic Affairs Businesses should benefit! Micro Specific rule and regulations Language (information) Culture (bureaucracy) MacroNL Reduction of administrative burdens (65 million euro p.a.) Postive economic effect (GDP 1.4 a 6.3 billion euro p.a.)

  8. Ministry of Economic Affairs Thank you for your attention