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Dutch Caribbean-St. Eustatius (Statia) PowerPoint Presentation
Dutch Caribbean-St. Eustatius (Statia)

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Dutch Caribbean-St. Eustatius (Statia)

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  1. Dutch Caribbean-St. Eustatius (Statia) • Location • Political change and future Investment • Island Facts

  2. Location Statia

  3. Dutch Caribbean St. Maarten St. Bart’s Statia; positioned North of St. Kitts and 13 minutes by plane from St. Maarten, plans are in place to expand the airport from 4265’ x 100’ by an additional 1000’ (304.8 m) in length

  4. St. Eustatius - Statia Property 2 Location ¼ acre Property 1 Location 143 acres

  5. Political Change and Future Investment • Statia is following a similar political model as St. Barts in choosing closer ties with its European parent. • These closer ties will acknowledge Statia as a municipality of the Netherlands and therefore allow the residents to vote in Both Dutch and European elections. • Its is widely felt that with closer ties the local currency will also eventually change to the Euro much as it has in St. Barts, French Guadeloupe and most of the member states of the European Union. • The Currency of Statia is currently the Netherlands Antilles Guilder. This currency is considered a regional currency and has no Real trading value internationally. Most real estate on the island is now being listed in $USD but Euros will soon be the norm. • With the direct Dutch rule a common currency across the board makes the most sense. as of March 2009, here’s the exchange rates for the 3 most common currencies traded on nearby islands • 1 Euro = $ 1.26 US • 1 US = 1.79 ANG Guilders • 1 Euro = 2.25 ANG guilders

  6. Island Facts Communications You can get in touch with the entire world from this tiny dot in the Caribbean. Statia enjoys an up-to-date communication system. Services are provided by the St. Eustatius Telephone co. and include GSM Cellulare Service, Wireless/DSL Internet service and International Direct dialing AirportStatia's airport is FD Roosevelt (EUX), its serviced via flights from SXM international. Plans are to expand the strip from its current 4265’ x 100’ by another 1000’ (304.8 m) in length this will allow for jet travel direct to the island ElectricityThe voltage is 110 A.C. 60 cycles. 220 voltage A.C. will not work without a transformer. Plugs tend to be two flat prongs. Medical servicesThe island has an excellent standard of health care at the Queen Beatrix Hospital with two doctors on 24-hour call. Postal ServicesStatia has an efficient postal service and international courier services as UPS and DHL also service the island Taxes THERE ARE NO PROPERTY TAXES ON THE ISLAND WaterThe water here is safe to drink, roof top collected water is used for bathing . There is also a desalinization plant on the island with water supply delivery.

  7. Summary • Statia is 30 minutes from St. Thomas, 45 minutes from San Juan (Puerto Rico) International and 8 hours from western Europe • Statia is to become a direct ruled municipality of Holland per article 134 of the Dutch Constitution • Direct rule will increase the standard of living and drive property prices up with the adjustment in currency • There are no property taxes!!!! • A stable government ensures investment protection • English Speaking • Great weather year round

  8. The Quill – extinct volcano with rain forest Zeelandia Beach Inside the rain forest Fort Oranje Dutch Fort – overlooking St. Kitts Beach Front – near Oranjestad (capital) Marine Park

  9. Caribbean Retirement Property