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7 April 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
7 April 2010

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7 April 2010

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  1. 7 April 2010

  2. Avalanche Clouds • These clouds, rolling or hovering close to the ground yet reaching up tens of meters high (up to 180 feet), are likely the result of an avalanche or fall of mostly carbon-dioxide frost. uahirise.org/ESP_016423_2640

  3. Polygonal Patterned Ground • From a distance, the floor of this crater looks like a giant honeycomb or spider web. The intersecting shapes, or polygons, commonly occur in the northern lowlands of Mars. uahirise.org/ESP_016641_2500

  4. Monitor Spirit Landing Site for Aeolian Changes • This observation covers the Columbia Hills and the surrounding plains of Gusev Crater, which the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has been exploring since January 2004. uahirise.org/ESP_016677_1650

  5. Fading Young Impact Crater • This image shows a new impact crater that formed on Mars between May 2002 and February 2004. It was discovered in data from the Mars Odyssey Mission THEMIS instrument and later confirmed to be an impact crater. uahirise.org/ESP_016807_2060

  6. Faulted Layered Bedrock in Noctus Labyrinthus • These layers were likely horizontal when the materials were first deposited, but are now tilted to high angles, approaching 90 degrees, so we get a good cross-sectional view from a bird's-eye view. uahirise.org/ESP_016845_1715