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mind mapping and managing information n.
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Mind-mapping and overseeing data PowerPoint Presentation
Mind-mapping and overseeing data

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Mind-mapping and overseeing data

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  1. Mind-mapping and managing information Chris Dillon Faculty Information Support Officer for Arts & Humanities and Laws www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/staff/fiso/ah/presentations

  2. Information overload TreePad The UCL Wiki Mind-mapping /Brainstorming Online bookmarkswith delicious.com Overview

  3. Information overload • Where does your important information live? • Scattered across e-mails, Word files etc.? • Can you find it quickly / at all? • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could bring ittogether in one place!

  4. What is TreePad? With TreePad you can! • TreePad is note-taking software. • Create a hierarchy of notes. • Easy to copy data into and out of TreePad.

  5. Applications of TreePad • Ordering ideas for writing • Notes on research • To do and job lists • Notes on software • And many, many more

  6. The UCL Wiki Use a wiki to share notes • Every member of UCL has a personal wiki space: • www.ucl.ac.uk/wiki • A wiki is a simple website • With very good access control.

  7. Applications of mind-mapping • Planning written work and presentations • Having ideas • Linking ideas • Memorisation

  8. Brainstorm / Memorising • Remember to make use of e.g. colour, pictures and size — they help you to remember. • Convert mind-map to a presentation with:File | Save As | Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation • PowerPoint may be used as a memorisation tool.

  9. Keeping your bookmarks on delicious.com • Got 50 bookmarks in four different web browsers? • delicious.com can bring them together online.

  10. Setting up a delicious.com account • Accounts are set up and accessed atdelicious.com. • Plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorerallow your browser to talk directly todelicious.com.

  11. Notes • These simple programs may changethe way you work. • They make you more systematic and creative.

  12. Further information on TreePad • Manuals on WTS at Start | Software |Programs S-Z | TreePad • www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/common/resources • www.treepad.com • Apple Mac version:http://jreepad.sourceforge.net

  13. Further information on the UCL Wiki • www.ucl.ac.uk/wikiClick Help at the bottom. • www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/staff/fiso/courses/wiki.doc

  14. Further information on mind-mapping Mind-mapping: • Books by Tony Buzan • www.mindmapping.org Mind Genius: • Tutorial within the program at Help | Tutorial